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Heart of gold

Despite their always jam-packed schedule, the BSB never say no when it comes to lending a helping hand. Whether they're asked to raise money for a local fundraiser or play some b-ball for a good cause, the BSB always give it their all.
"You can use your celebrity to good stuff. [We like] affecting people's lives and making people happy," Kevin explained during an online chat with Yahoo last August.
that altrustic spirit is deeply ingrained in the guys. even before they hit it big, they always did what they could for their communities. Ever wonder why Howie is nicknamed "Sewwt D"? It's because his heart is as big as they come. Back in highschool days,he was part of a peer counseling group called "Friends", which reached out to kids in trouble and helped them, stay in school and avoid drugs! All the boys did similar charity workp, often through their churches, when they were young. Today as they travel around the world, they encourage kids to get involved in their communities and do something good for people in need.

When the Backstreet Boys began to bust a move on the charts, they took breaks whenever possible to volunteer their time for charities like Ronald McDonald House and SADD. But not only did they get involved themselves, they got other celebrities to help them out!
Last year, BSB teamed up with fellow Orlando group N'Sync on a single charity called "Let the music heal your soul>"the recording, which also included BSB sibling, Aaron Carter, was released under the name of bravo All-Stars. Proceedes from the US realase singlewere donated tothe Nodoff-Robbins Music therapy Foundation, an orgizination that uses music to help treat autistic and other severly disabled children. Stars such as Aerosmith, Madonna, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and The Who have also lent their support for this worthwile organization.
the welfare of kids has always been a big concern of the boys. They took a break from their world tour last year to headline a benifit at the US open tennis chamonships called Arthur Ashe Kids' Day. [see main picture] the event was hosted by Bill Cosby and gave the Boys a chance to practice their ground strokes!
Another issue that the guys are very concerend about is domestic abuse. Last October, the Boys and All 4 one taped a public service announcement for a radio campaign called "Women's work", which was devloped in part by cosmetics giant Liz Claiborne. Along with the public servise ad, the Boys did awhat they could to get the word out. the project was hugely succesful--and there's no telling haw many women's lives the helped to save!

when a tornado blew through their homebase of orlando last year, the BSB were there in a flash, and they actually helped pull togther a concert that raised thousands of dollars for the local Red Cross relif efforts.
Dubbed "Orlando Bands togther" the concert was hosted bky the oys and staged in the parking lot of orlandos hord rock Cafe. Some other groups that appeared on stage that day were Lisa Lisa, Nsync ,LFO, Innosense, Take 5, C-Note and 95 South. The groups rocked the town that day in even bigger way than the tornado had, giving Orlando a good start on rebuilding.
a few months later, as the city finished its rebuilding, Orlando's mayor invited the boys back to town and presented them with the Keys to the City. praising the Boys efforts on behalf of the city, the mayor said "The Boys... helped out in a big way aftyer our community suffered the nation's deadlist tornado disater in 13 years."
Kevin, Howie, Nick,brian, and AJ were just doing what comes naturally to them: giving from the heart.


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