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Facevalu: Brian


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this is the Brian facevalu page.
Here's his favevalu: Brian's vertical forehead indcates that he likes to go through things step by step. he is a very methodical(no jumping around for him),-- and the doesn't like ro ne rushed into judgment. He likes things to be planned out percisely, from a night out with friends to a date with a special girl.
Thin hair(though he has lots of it) signals he has a highley sensitive soul and that his feelling can easily be hurt.
Brianthin lips man that he has troubled verbilizing how he feels, like Kevin. That dosen't mean that he dosen't want to, though. It just means that he will have to work on getting things off hois chest.
Brian's uneven ears indacate that he is a charmer that has an amazing sense of humor. He's equally skilled in getting people around him to feel at ease.
High cheekbones mean he has a high sense of morals and it will take a lot of effort to get him off the honest path that he has carved for himself.