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Here at the credits place is where people that deserve credit will get it. So, here goes!

Thanks to The Abosulte Brian Littrell Page for some of my pix of the boys!

Thanks to Backstreet Forever for the cool BSB beenie anamation on the front page!

Thanks ALOT, Angelfire, for supplying me with the space and hosting for my website!

Thanks to Webmonkey for, through step-by-step instructions, teaching me how to make things like this website. Without you, this wouldn't be here right now!

Thanks to for my shorter URL ( It's much, MUCH shorter than my old one!

Thanks to everyone who contributed anything whatsoever to this website!

And lastly, thanks to the Backstreet Boys themselves: Brian "B-Rok" Littrell, Howie "Sweet D" Dourough, Aj "Bone" McLean, Kevin "Train" Richardson, and Nick "Kaos" Carter for inspiring me with their wonderful voices. After all, they're the reason this site is here anyway! Thanks guys! We love you!