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This is from a girl who had front row tickets to a BSB concert in newcastle, England. (In case you were wondering, I got this from the Gold Collector's series of Enterainment Weekly)
The show began @ 8pm with the wonderful singing and dancing of Tatyana Ali, who really hyped up the crowd for the Backstreet Boys. After her 20 min. peformance, 40 uneventful minutes passed by before the Backstreet Band--dressed entirely in white--ran up on stage.
The next few minutes could have come out of a Star Wars movie. The 10 dancers appeared, carrying lanterns onto the stage, in a procession to the sound of the theme from (you gussed it),b>Star Wars. Then our boys appeared, flying on space boards, and the crowd went mad.
To thunderous screams they "landed" on stage and marched around with the dancers in military precision. "All you peolpe can't you see, can't you see..." boomed from the speakers, witch marked the start of "Larger than Life". This high energy peformance was followed by another--"get down". After those two songs, Nick introduced himself,(like we didn't already know who he was!) and thanked the audience. He had his hair up in a ponytail. then the other guys introduced themeselves. Aj's hair was brown,(no, seriosely!) Brian's hair is like it usually is,(like on the cover of "millenniunm"), Howie's was tied back, as usual, and Kevin's was a little bit longer and a bit wild.
The next song was "the one", which slowed down the fast pace of the show...a little. The guys all wore black outfits, but they each had individuil touches to them. Aj wore this cute lilttle black hat, for instance.
ALAYLM was next, and the boys included their now-famous "chair routiene", which was contiouned by the male dancers as the Boys left the stage.,br> when they returned, they broke into "don't wanna loose you now." as the song progerssed, the boys jumped up from thir chairs and walked around the stage. when brian came near me, i jumped up and waved like crazy--he saw me, smiled and waved back!!!
QPG was next, they walked around the stage , no dancing. Nick was right in front of me when the second verse started, and of cource he sang I live my life the way to keep you coming back to me," and i was screaming,"I LOVE YOU!!" He saw me, and right after "keep you coming back to me" he added "that's you!" and pointed right to me and smiled!
I heard everyone wispering nasty comments about me after that, but I didn't care because I was in heaven. the Boys got clipped into their harnesses near the end of that song and they started flying through the air. Kevin was doing flips and Nick winked to my friend who was sitting right below where he was flying.
they left the stage again to chane into their black outfits (again). The band started playing "Don't Want you Back" and the boys appeared from above the middle of the stage. they sounded great conidering that they were hanging upside down from ladders for half the song.
After a quick costume change, five pre-chosen mothers and daughters joined the Backstreet bopys on stage. Each mother-daughter team was teamed up with a bsb. Kevin told the aduience that Brian had written the next song, "The Perfect Fan", for his mom, and dedcatied it to all the mothers and daughters in the aduicence. the guys walked around the stage for half the song and then took the daughter's hand and walked around the stage with them for the other half of the song.
\The mother's and daughters returned to the aunience and brian asked everyone if they had the new album yet."YES" was the answer, shoted in unison by 10,000 people.
he then asked everyone if they liked it. "YES" was the answer, of course.
he Then asked everyone what their favorite song was. the answer was a mixture of all 12 songs from the album. he told us that his favorite was "The Perfect fan", and asked nick hat his fvorite was. he replied,"Spanish Eyes", and asked Aj the same question. His answer was "don't Want you back". Brian sat down with aj, Nick & howie, who were sitting on the egge of the central stage. Howie was pertending to play an inflatibe guitar. "So what's your favorite, Howie?" Aj asks. "spanish guitar,' i mean Eyes.'"
the aduience groaned. "very funny, D" nick said. Then Brian said," I kinda like that one that Kevin wrote, too."
"Which one's that, then?" Aj said joking in his fake English accent (I'ts rather good actually). Then Kevin fom the center of the stage, sitting infront of a whithe grand piano. he started playing "Back to your Heart", and the center stage rose upward until it was about 15 feet from the main stage. The boys left the stage arter the song.
there was a short delay before the next song and we heard thunder and thje video screens showed weird, digatially produced images. Then the center stage rose again. The dancers were hanging to a net which hung from it, and the music for "Everybody(Backstreet's Back)" Then BSB appeared from the middle of the stage. The Boys and dancers were all dressed in ripped up clothing. Aj ripped his shirt off, but unforely he had a T-shirt on underneath. Predictably, but still funny, here's what happened during the song:

Nick: "Am I Orginal?"

Nick:"Am I The Only one?"


Nick:Am I sexual?


Well, I thought it was funny.
The Boys broke into "we've got it going on"next, which changed into "that's the way I like it". Howie stood inm front of me for about 20 seconds. I jumped up and down trying to get his attention when he finally looked @ me!! He smiled, too.
They changed into pink trousers, white shirts and grey waistcoats and sang INBYH which was followed by "No One Else Comes Close"
Then they left the stage and returned wearing long, pink jackets to match their trousers. They looked like gangsters in their "zoot suits".
AIHTG was next, and the hat routine was VERY impressive. "Show Me The Meaning of being Lonely" wasthe next song. This was one of the hilghts for me-- even though there was no impressive dancing like in "larger than Life". Howie Dedicvated this song to one of thier late producers, Denniz Pop, which was very emotinal. as they say, there wasn't a dry eye in the whole house. The female dancers danced alone during the song until they were each joined by a boy. In my opinion, the girls were very inappropriately dressed-- their dresses barley covered their butts--considering the fact of what a sad song it was.Thy have no shame(help! i'm startin to sound like my mom!)
That was the last song before the encores. After waving good-bye to the crowd and leaving the stage,the Bopys returned to the music of "i'ts Gotta Be You". Nick wore a vest so you could see his tattoo, and Aj wore his cute little black hat. they introduced the 10 dancers, and let them do a dance in pairs.
They Introduced the band --I'm pretty sure that Tommy got the most applause. they thanked the croud, and bowed on each side of the stage. Then they left as confetti poured down on the croud and fireworks went off.
IWITW was the second encore. Howie thanked us for making it #1 on the charts, and began to sing. the guys held the mikes out to the croud so they could sing along--scream along, really. Howie, accompined by security guards, reached ot and touced the front row people's hands. I touched his hand!! I touched his hand!! it was sweatty, but nice. And they left for the last time.
It was an incredible end to an incredible evening. the band was incredible, the dancers were incredible, but most of all, Boys were incredible.