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here at the coming soon page you can find what's coming soon. (duh!) ok, so here's some stuff that should be here relitively soon, like within the next week or two!

I would like to put up some more articles on the articles page. I have some that I haven't put up yet, but if you have any please feel free to Email me with any that you think should be put up. You will recieve credit, of course.

I would hope that I will be able to get a bulletion board up sometime soon, which I'm planning to use as a suggestion board. and then once I recieve some feedback, I'll be able to improve thge site for the pleasue of the viewers, who make the whole site possible! Thanks soooooo much! KTBSPA!

Quote of the week should start sometime soon, if all goes as planned. hopefully it will. I'm not sure where to put it though. I'll come up with something, I hope.