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Hi! welcome to the brian bios page!

here's his bio! To be a singer, to go to work everyday and do something I love--that's what i was looking for. and to have a talent that you can use, and to actually use it. I think it's destiney that we are all here together. listing to Brian Thomas Littrell, you hear alot of things you're not used to hearing from superstars. like humility. in a time when fame all too often goes hand-in-hand with an out-of-control ego, brian is a down-to-earth execption, a young man who doesn't think i'ts uncool to be wholesome. part of the reason for this, brian says, is the moral grounding he recieved from his parents and the baptist church. "as a young boy," brian explains in a self-penned bio for the press,"I ate, drank, and slept church, wether i liked it or not.