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B o y s C r a z y

W hen the Backstreet Boys first started simnging togther in 1993, music fans in America Yawned--or didn't notice at all. it was hard to pay attention to anything in those dark times. Grunge was still pushing down on teens' brains like a caffine headache, and if that wern't enough, they were also feeling numb from the robitic swaks of that so-called dance music knoiwn as electronica. Feeling out of place in this enviorment, the Boys' took their upbeat, R&B inspired tunes and cut out for the more pop-friendly confines of continetial Euorpe.
Three Years later, America was ready for The Backstreet Boys, and the guys were ready to come home. By this time, the Orlando-based singers were huge internatoinal stars. The group first btroke through in Germanmy and the U.K., where audiences immeaditly loved their happy, booty-shaking music. Of course, the kind of soulful ballads and get-and-move dance tunes that defined the Boys were alerady hot in Europe--and the boys faced plenty of competiton from Euorpe's home grown bands. So why did BSB end up on top? one word: talent.
Kevin has said it was the boys' ability to harmonize togther a cappela that really made audiences stand back and take notice. not only could these guys dance like all thse other groups, they could really sing--which was more unusual. critical acclaim soon folowed. England gave the boys' her seal of approval as early as 1995, when magizine and newspaper critics got behind the group during a BSB tour on the island nation. The following year, the Boys earned a gold record in Germany and won "the battle of the Boy bands" on VIVA, a major music televison station in the Euorpean country. Clearly, the Backstreet Boys were on their way to the top.
Back in those days, the guys werw able to meet their fans in their hotel lobbies after shows and hang out with them at coffee shops. the boys even went on dates with fans. the guys still love to get to know their fans, but it's much harder to do now. the last time they tried to linger in their hotel lobby, a riot ensued. The fan frenzy has gotten so extreme that some hotels dont want to house the boys because they know a mob of ardent fans will gather outside the hotel and disturb other guests. still, the boys meet trheir fans whenever they can. they've even been know to call their fansa after a consert just to talk about the night--so it wouldn't hurt to throw your phone number up on stage! still, it can be frustrating to the guys. they know that they can just be friends with the fans they meet because their busy touring schudle makes it impossible to be anything more. still, a guy can never never have to many friends, right?

Everybody loves BSB
it was about two years ago that things started getting out of hand. Whoops and applause after each song turned into sustained screams that lasted entire concerts! Some newspapers amd magizines sought to find an explaination for it.
"it's throwing off their childhood," one psychologist was quoted saying about the fans' reaction to the Backstreet Boys. Going to a concert is their sexual awakining."
You can say that again. Seeing Brian up-close and personal would be enough to get a rock exicted!
"they're just so hot!" says Chole, a 16-year-old english fan. "and they're songs talk about love like your boyfriend can't. you can tell that they mean what they say."
not suprisingly, fans want to talk to the boys about their songs and what they mean to them. and as it become more difficult for the guys to talk to thier fans one-on-one, their fans were more and more detirmened to do so. two girls in germany once tore their clothes climbing over a barbed wire fence to get to the room that the guys were in! Then, even with shredded halters, they snuk into the guy's hotel, found out what rooms they were in, and made it up to the room. Howie and Kevin ere vey suprised to find these new friends knocking on their door!
Simaliry, when BSB visited the VIVA studio in germany, fans climed over parked cars and metal gates to get closer to the boys. Unfortanly, the girs damaged some car roofs in haste, and the VIVA honchos decided they couldn't have the boys back to the studios again! (the boys' populaitry soon changed VIVA's mind, however, and they were back to do an "unplugged" special last year.)
but hotels and the only and TV studios aren't the only places fans head in search of their favorite Backstreet Boy--the homes of each of the guys have been subject to suprise visits from all over the world. Nick even had to step away from Christmas dinner once to greet fans on his front lawn! the carter family finally had to put a fence around their house after a inconsiderate local man not only sold maps to his home, but also took a busload of fans right to their front door! with the first visit from the bus, all of nick's mom's flowers were torn out of her garden as fans grabbed them as memotos!
Sometimes even flowers aren't even enough. fans have mangaged to slip into the boys' empty hotel rooms and grab garments--usually dirty underwear or socks! though it's happened numerous times, Aj never fails to be suprised when a girl at meet-and-greet sessions before concerts hands him a pair of his own boxers to sign! "I'm always like,'How did you get these?'" he says. His befuddlement is understandable. Imagine if the first time you met a guy, he handed you your underwear--how totally weird that would be?
Another close encounter with fans left Aj even more befuddled; it left him injured! In Cananda, while trying to escape a pack of screaming girls, he got his foot caught under the wheel of a van. Aj blamed himself for being a klutz, and the poor fella had to spend a few weeks in a cast, which really cut down on his dance moves!
after minor traumas like these, the boys have learned to be careful--they even take stock of thir woardrobes before going out in public. Aj has had earrings ripped out of his lobes (ouch!), and Brian has had numerous hats pulled off his head, never to be seen again. Howie had a scarty exeperience when he, brian and Nick were returning to their hotel after a day of sightseeing. Reaching the saftey of the gaurded lobby, Nick and Brian looked back and their eyes popped out as they saw a fan launch out and grabbed onto howie's backpak asnd pull him down. On his back, howie was as helpless as a capsized beetle! as he struggled to right himself, the buttons were torn right off his shirt (along wiyth a few chest hairs) before security guards arrived and helped him to his feet.
this can get rather trying for the boys, but the'yre good natured about it because they love their fans. They say when it's one or two fans, they have a great time. but when it's hundres of fans, things get, er, hairy.

BSB Stuff
So what's a fan who can't get their hands on the Boys in the flesh to do? Snatch up anything else they can find related to the hottest band in the world. from japan to texas, millions of room are covered in Boys posters. Millions of girls are wearing BSB t-shirts and halters and plastering their notebooks with BSB stickers. Then there are the videos of concerts and other appearences, as well as books and magizines. Sometimes it seems that they'res no end to the cool stuff you can collect--there's even a BSB board game in the works!
Another way to be part of the Backstreet Maina is to log onto the Internet. There are Backstreet Boys websites in sevral languages--after all, the photos transend the written word, don't they? There are a few ways to bring cheer to a BSB fan's day than send them an e-mail postcard with the boys beautiful mugs, and these are avaible on most sites. Fans collect interviews, share concert memeories, and connect with each other via chat rooms. you can find the boys' tour scheudle, purchase concert tickets, and dicuss tips on how to search out their hotel room with fans who have sucessfully located the boys before. I your parents or friends from school don't understand your BSB addtiction, it's guarenteed that thousands out there do! Fans trade stories, and so a love for the Boys has brought people togther from places as different as maine and sinapore in their quest for more BSB knowledge.

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this doesn't have anything to do with the bsb, but Ben Tyler Pierce is soooooooo hot!!!!! (you probly don't know him unless you go to LDMS) but i just wanted to let the Whole Wide World know How much I luv him!