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Here are some articles on the backstreet boys. they came from every bsb magizine I own/have owned in the last 2 years, so be prepared for lots and lots of reading.

6 BSB| Boys Crazy! | Heart Of Gold |

From the August 1999 Edition of ALL STARS

Giant BSB Q&A

Where are the Backstreet Boys? Right here in the pages of ALL-STARS, that’s where! If you didn’t know, that the BSB’s release date for their second album was May 18th, you must have you head buried in the sand! Before you jet out the door and head to the nearest store, check out our Q&A with the boys. Not too long ago, we flew down to Orlando, Florida to soak up the sunshine and chill with Brian, Howie, Aj, Kevin and nick. We were as happy to see them as they were to see us! After chowing down at the hard Rock café, we got down to business and asked all the questions that were burning our brains!

ALL STARS: When you first met the guys, what as your very first impression, and how did it change over time?
NICK: When I first met this guy [put his arms around Brian], I thought ‘Country Bumbkin’! It was crazy! [In thick southern draw] “Heyyyy howww ya’llll doooooooooin’? my name’s Briaaaaaan Litrell.”
BRIAN:[laughs and interjects] it’s not that bad anymore!
NICK: he’s not that bad anymore. All of our accents have changed and we play around with British, Australian and German accents.
ALL STARS: So, Brian had a thick accent?
NICK: he had a strong accent, but he’s lost that since.
ALL STARS: How about Kevin?
NICK: Kevin is still Kevin. He’s the same guy, but he really hasn’t changed much. But AJ, he’s changed!
ALL STARS: how so?
NICK: well, last time I checked his skin didn’t have that color.
ALL STARS: you mean his hair?
NICK: no, his skin, all the colors...You know, all those tattoos. But that’s him, that’s AJ, that’s what he likes to do. Really, it’s just about growing up and doing what you want to do.
ALL STARS: how about Howie?
NICK: Howie [who is on his cell phone at the moment] is just always on the cell phone all the time! No, I’m just joking. He is a serious businessman right now.
ALL STARS: what do you think about all these Orlando bands that are out now?
HOWIE: I thin I’ts great to see what we were able to open a lot of doors or a lot of these groups to come on in and have more of a accelerated success. I feel very flattered that a lot of them are using us as an example. There were lots of people who opened doors for us in the past. It’s always the process of helping each other out and stuff. Like, I say I don’t look at it as a competition thing—if anything it’s a friendly competition.
ALL STARS: tell us about the album.
NICK: it’s called millennium and we got a lot of flack from the record company reps for naming it millennium Because they were like, ‘oh that’s so corny.’ We like the name. It’s kind of funny just because we got a lot of flack for it just because it’s the millennium. I was actually afraid that someone else would use that name…
ALL STARS: do you have a solo in it?
NICK: Yes.
ALL STARS: What’s it called?
NICK: I need you tonight.
ALL STARS: What sort of thing will we hear on millennium?
KEVIN: when you hear the album, you’re going to say, that’s the Backstreet boys. The sound is our sound. We’re very proud of it—lyrically, it’s more of a growth. Some of the songs are more challenging and they sound bigger, production wise. It’s a growth period.
AJ: we took it as far as we could go without changing the whole sound changing. We still have the same ‘Backstreet’s back’ type of sound.
ALL STARS: how important is it to you to know that the stuff on the album is stuff that you’ve written?
BRIAN: it’s very important. I experienced that for the first time with that’s what she said on the last international CD. It’s a feeling beyond anything you can imagine. Even people in the states, when we toured last summer, knew the song because they’d gotten the import CD and they’d listened to it. I came out with the guitar and played it, and they sang every word. It means a lot to me that they take the time to listen to the album, period, and then they read through the credits, thy see that Brian wrote that song and they listen to every word. That song is about an experience in my life—it’s an ex-girlfriend, it’s a sad love song. So, it’s an amazing feeling to know people like it. And you know you spent the extra timer in the studio, the extra production, the extra, mental drain of putting it together, and then it came to life.
ALLSTARS: how long did it take you to record the album?
KEVIN: we’ve been recording in short spurs here and there, but when we were in Stockholm, we were there for a week and a half, and we got seven songs done. We recorded two songs in NY and two or three in Orlando. We’ve been recording, in spurts, for about a year. But in all, the actual recording time was only a month.
ALL STARS: Would you say that your personal tastes are reflected more in this album?
KEVIN: our personal taste is so varied. We listen to everything.
AJ: If we each had a song, written by each of us with our individual tastes, it would be the most outragous album. Everything from rock, to gospel ballads, to hip-hop --it would be insane.
KEVIN: I like everything from TLC to Maxwell—it depends on what kind of mood I’m in.
AJ: I really like swing. There’s a club down here that I’ve been hanging out in…
ALL STARS: do you swing dance?
AJ: NO! I can’t--I would love to take lessons. I watch those guys flipping girls around and I love it. Every Thursday night, form 10-1, they teach you the basics. I went there one night and I learned the basics, but like I said I wasn’t flipping girls over my head, but I would love to. It looks like so much fun. I could wear suspenders...
KEVIN: we’re going to do a dance video where we have partner dancing—weather salsa or swing or something. We’re goiung to have dancers on our tour—masbye some salsa—because we have some songs with Latin guitar. Some rteally cool romantic stuff.
AJ: we have a lot of guitar on this album. A lot of guitar and a lot of piano. I listen to the album while I’m driving around in my truck, and from beginning to end the’rs hip-hop dance tracks, and there’s big ballads, but It’s all got a big guitar sound.
ALL STARS: we hear that you’re planning the tour to be In the round.
KEVIN: yes. It’s going to be really challenging. very challenging—because you can’t use backdrops, this is all going to be lighting, and what you can do with one stage. How many ways can you make one stage look different? We’ve got mark Ravitiz, who did David Bowe’s “Ziggy Stardust” tour, which won all kinds of awards and stuff back in the day.
ALL STARS: any costume ideas?
Millennium makes me think futuristic, o there’s going to be a lot of futuristic type things going on. As soon as you walk into the arena, you should feel like you’re in another place. If someone’s never seen a concert before, we want to make sure that they never, ever, forget this one. And if they have, we want this to be the best one they’ve ever seen.
AJ: We want it to be the best show. we saw U2 from first row in Rotterdam [Holland]. the set, everything--it was the bes show. they had the bigest screen ever used in concert.
ALL STARS: who's going to be opening for you on your tour?
HOWIE: there's been talk about EYC and i've heard mabye Tatyana Ali possibly opening. But we still have to get our own tour togther before we can start thinging of other people.
ALL STARS: Brian, during your concert, when you come out and play your guitar and sing to the audience, is that a weird feeling--being by yourself out there?
BRIAN: it;s a very personal expercience and that's how i wanted it to be. singing down--if they didn't want to scream they didn't have to, they could just sit and listen and watch. that was my whole idea, because the show is so bing-bang-boom, and then we have five solos, and even some of the solos are so bing-bang-boom, and i'm not really like that. i can be, when it has to be tht way. but when it can be really personal, i just walk out, show people who i am. I just sit in my chair, with my guitar. it's me playing, it's me singing--it's what i love. it's me. i don't think i could have done that with any other song--it had to come from me.

Backstreet back in the day

Just as big movie stars like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt began their careers as fresh-faced teens in commercials, pop stars like the Backstreet Boys had their humble beginnings too. Remember, everybody starts at the bottom and works their way up. Nick carter was just 12 years old when, through auditions in Orlando, FL, he met up with 15-year-old Aj McLean and 19-year-old Howie Dourogh, two teens who also had their sights set on pop stardom. Kevin Richardson, a young performer at disey world sought out the "three young guys who harmonize togther" and later introduced them to his cousin from Kentuckey velvety voice--Brian Littrel. before long, the guys hooked up with the right people, singed a record deal, and christened themselves the Backstreet Boys. In the early days, before world traveling, chart topping fan frenzy began, the young Backstreet Boys were just getting their feet wet--performing at high-schools, appearing at malls and training with vocal coaches and choreographers. ALL STARS superstardom from the first time we got near BSB and we've been hot on their trail ever since.

Sears Launches New Marketing Campaign for the 'Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour'

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Sears, Roebuck and Co. (NYSE: S - news) today unveiled its national integrated marketing campaign that exclusively features the Backstreet Boys. Sears, the presenting sponsor of the group's fall North American tour -- Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium -- will use the campaign throughout August, focused on national back-to-school in-store promotions taking place Aug. 1-15.

As a part of the integrated marketing campaign, Sears produced a promotional television commercial which, as a take-off of the 1960s Beatles movie ``A Hard Day's Night,'' shows a mob of female fans pursuing the five Backstreet Boys through the city as they duck into restaurants and double-decker buses. Like a modern version of Beatlemania, the Backstreet Boys have inspired loyal fans around the world to catapult the band to record-breaking success.

The 30-second ad promotes Sears back-to-school sweepstakes, which will give five fans each the chance to win a $2,000 Sears shopping spree with their favorite Backstreet Boy and a trip for four to the group's final tour concert, Dec. 1 in Tampa. Each of the five winners will receive airfare, hotel accommodations, four front row concert tickets and the opportunity to meet the group backstage.

The Sears Backstreet Boys sweepstakes ad will run from Aug. 1-15 during teen-oriented programming on network and cable television, including MTV, WNBA games and the Teen Choice Awards, Aug. 12 on Fox. The sweepstakes also will be supported by Sears through point-of-sale signage, a Sears direct mailer on Aug. 4, and Sears Sunday newspaper inserts on Aug. 1 and Aug. 8.

The sweepstakes television spot features exclusive use of the Backstreet Boys song, ``Larger Than Life,'' which also will appear as background music for a series of 15- and 30-second back-to-school ads for Sears merchandise including athletic shoes, nylon pants, and private apparel brand Canyon River Blues. The ads, produced by Young & Rubicam of New York and Chicago, are directed by Nigel Dick of Los Angeles-based A Band Apart. Dick is a Billboard award-winning director known for translating the spirit of music to film.

In-store video spots highlighting the Backstreet Boys tour sponsorship will run nationally in Sears stores August through November on televisions in the consumer electronics department ``Wall of Eyes'' and in the Mainframe juniors shopping area. Backstreet Boys merchandise, including licensed apparel, T-shirts and hats, will be sold in more than 450 Sears stores in tour markets. In addition, Sears will support the sponsorship with a cause-related program extending to all tour markets. Wunderman, Cato Johnson, Chicago, is providing sales promotion and eventing, and Donnellon Public Relations, Chicago, is publicizing all aspects of Sears Backstreet Boys sponsorship.

Sears will support the integrated marketing campaign with two gift with purchase promotions. A different Backstreet Boys poster will be offered during each week of the sweepstakes promotion with any $35 purchase in select departments. Additionally, a tip-in card in August issues of teen magazines offers a limited-edition Backstreet Boys CD-ROM when consumers sign up for Sears new Pulse Card, a loyalty program for teens, and make a $35 purchase in select departments. Both offers are while supplies last.

``The strategic advertising campaign surrounding the Backstreet Boys sponsorship promotes Sears as a cool place to shop and drives teenagers to shop at Sears during the key back-to-school selling period,'' said John Lebbad, Sears director of event marketing and sales promotion. ``Sears integrated marketing approach will make the Backstreet Boys sponsorship message difficult to ignore.''

The Backstreet Boys -- whose latest album, Millennium, shattered sales records in May, moving 1,134,000 copies in a single week -- provide Sears with a solid platform to reach youth and their moms during the key back-to-school time frame. The Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into the Millennium Tour, which visits more than 40 cities in 11 weeks, kicks off September 14 in Ft. Lauderdale, just as teenagers are heading back into classrooms.

``The Backstreet Boys are continually appealing to a broader audience and the Sears partnership is a direct means to reach new and existing fans,'' said Michael Green, co-founder and partner of the group's management, The Firm. ``The Boys had a great time creating the spots and have brought the same enthusiasm to their partnership with Sears.''

The Backstreet Boys sponsorship continues Sears on-going tradition of supporting major national music acts. The band becomes the fourth major musical talent to be sponsored by Sears during the past five years. Sears sponsored the successful North American concert tours of international superstars, Phil Collins and Gloria Estefan in 1994 and 1996, respectively. Recently, Sears announced its sponsorship of Latino superstar Juan Gabriel for his 24-city U.S. concert tour, "Sears Presents Juan Gabriel Gira '99."

Sears, Roebuck and Co. is a leading U.S. retailer of apparel, home and automotive products and services, with annual revenue of more than $41 billion. The company serves families throughout the country through 850 full-line department stores and more than 2,100 specialized retail locations nationwide. More information about the company is available on Sears Web site,

SOURCE: Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Launch of North American `Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into the Millennium' Postponed Due To Inclement Weather, Hurricane Floyd

NEW YORK (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) - The much-anticipated launch of the `Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour Brought To You By Polaroid'--set for September 14 and 15 in Fort Lauderdale at the National Car Rental Arena--has been postponed due to impending inclement weather (Hurricane Floyd). The BACKSTREET BOYS--NICK CARTER, HOWIE DOROUGH, BRIAN LITTRELL, AJ MCLEAN and KEVIN RICHARDSON--are concerned for the safety of their fans and have been advised to postpone the shows. The BACKSTREET BOYS' tour will now kick-off September 17 in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Coliseum and the Fort Lauderdale shows have been rescheduled for December 5 and 6 (tickets for the September 14 and 15 shows will be honored for those dates). The rescheduled dates will now conclude the BACKSTREET BOYS' sold-out 11-week, 39-city tour in support of their #1 chart-topping, record setting MILLENNIUM CD. The BACKSTREET BOYS recently made music history when all 765,000 tickets for this tour sold out as quickly as they were put on sale, the vast majority within an hour, generating an estimated $30 million in ticket sales. (Contact: Jive Records, New York Sonia Muckle, 212/824-1370)

Backstreet Boys Back Down To Floyd

If you live in Fort Lauderdale, attending a concert is not likely to be on your list of priorities at the moment. With Hurricane Floyd and its 155 mile per hour winds quickly approaching Florida, area schools are closing, shelters are opening, and residents are being advised to evacuate the area; the last thing parents need to worry about is getting their children to the Backstreet Boys' area concerts this week. Appropriately, the teen-pop supergroup has decided to postpone the start of their tour, originally set for September 14 and 15 at the National Car Rental Arena in Fort Lauderdale. The tour will now kick off September 17 in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Charlotte Coliseum. Fort Lauderdale area fans should take note that the BSB shows in their area will be rescheduled for December 5 and 6, with tickets for the September 14 and 15 dates being honored at the newly rescheduled shows.

Top 20 artists - Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys are sooo hot. Not jast in as hunky, but hot as in fire. here's proof: Their second album, Millennium, sold nearly 2 million copies in it's first two weeks of release of last May, and even with N'sync and Ricky Martin on the scene, the Bopys continue to leave hordes of fans speechless in their presence. But who can blame them? After all, the group now boasts the kind of worldwide fame only the pop's biggest superstars know. After enjoying celeb status in Euorpe for several years but going virtuially unreconizied at home, the Orlando-based Quintet (which includes AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Nick Carter) finally triumphed on their own turf with '97's 11-million-selling Backstreet Boys, which includes pop valentines such as "As Long As You Love Me". Now that the boys have relizied their amercan dream, they're hoping for londitivty. "we can't worry about what everyone else is doing," says Brian. "we're on our own plane right now. We're moving foward, taking it day by day, taking the appropriate steps to enlongate our careers. we've done that from the begining."

The Backstreet Boys: Front and center

Anyone, anywher on the planet, who's been within earshot of a radio lately knows that there's been an revolution. That is: life before the Backstreet Boys and life after.
not that the final years of the last millennium wer'ent bursting with talent--from Ricky Martin to Lauryn Hill, from Will Smith to mariah carey--But BSB have crossed the line from mega-hipsters to international phenomena. plus, they've spawned a movement of boy bands who, inspired by Backstreet's strength, went on to forage their own unique sounds and stage presenses:'Nsync, 98 degrees, LFO, No Authority... and there are bound to be even more as you read this.
What kind of musical mojo has us all humming their hits and tapping their toes? Powerhouse pop critics find themselves gushing, describing the "melodic claws" of BSB's songs; praising their "impassioned harominies"; and calling their sound "graceful", "soulful", and "hymnlike". Millions of fans have responded with a resounding "Amen!" by buying up their sophomore album, aptly named "Millennium", in record-breaking numbers. Their U.S. tour has sold out city by city, literally in minutes. Their cool and classy videos drop onto MTV like A-Bombs, blowing all other TRL competitors out of the water.
Of corse, music is an ongoing conversation, and BSB have been the '(0's answer to the question,"Who are the next New Kids On The Block, Jackson Five, Bee Gees, Beach Boys, or Beatles?" Each group has staked it's claim with a special idenity, even beyond its musical contruibitions. for BSB, it's a string of S's: sweet, sincere, serouis, sexy. Of course, they're also delicous to behold, both Boyoish and manly--and 100% babes.
Which explains why BSB have won millions of fans, all utterly Boy-banded and Street-smart. BSB's songs are the anthems of a generation. Their music has become the soundtrack for the new millennium, and fans are more than wiklling to follow wherever they lead.

Millennium Fever!

You wanted to give the new album a bit more of an edge. Do you think you succeded?
KEVIN:"I Want It That Way" is kind of reminiscent of our last album--we chose it for the first singlke because it's a familiar sound. I think the production is just like how we planned. We're all very proud.

how do you feel that you've grown since the last record?
HOWIE: even though we've had a lot of sucess this year, it's been one of our most trying times as a group with all the changes business-wise and all the personal stuff. I think at the same time, it's helped us grow stronger as a group. sometimes you have to take a couple teps back in order to go forward--that's on of the reasons we titled this album Millennium. being at the dawn oif another century feels like a rebirth--and this new album is like the rebirth of us.

apparntly, you've had a rough year. Can you tell us a little more about that?
KEVIN: '98 was definatly one of the most sucessful years of out lives. From the outside, it probally looked like we were just having a great time, but there was a lot of internal stuff going on. Brian, my cousin, underwent heart surgery. And then Brian and i lost our grandfather to cancer. we also lost one of the producers we'd been working with for the past four-and-a-half years to cancer. Howie lost his sister to lupus. We were in leagal battles with our past management. Mentally, we were just going through so much. I think we learned a lot and grown a lot from that.
BRIAN: you know, it;'s really easy for us to get caught up in our lives sometimes because everything just moves so fast. Our schedules are always changing and we're constantly moving, just trying to please our audieces all over the world. But when there's a death in the family, or when you're facing surgery, that hits home, and you relize that all of this is nothing. It means absultly nothing to me if i can't be healthy and have a proper midset about something i love. When you face things like we faced last year, it gets to a point were performing just isn't fun anymore, yopu just have to get out on styage and sing. it gets a little emonitally distressing. but now that's behind us, and we're very, very ev=xcited about our new product.

Sounds heavy. so does that mean that you'll be changing your name to Backstreet Men?
AJ: I just turned 21 and i feel great. i don't think we'll ever change the name from backstreet boys. we've been boys since we started and it's kind of like a slang term for us. look at the Beach boys: they're all in their 50's and 60's and they're still boys. When we turn 60 and 70, we'll still be the Backstreet boys--mabye not dancing as much, but we'll do our best.

you've been around the world a few times now, bvut is there one place you've missed that you'd really like to see?
NICK: There are a lot of places around the world we haven't been yet--Russia, South Africa, Iceland, teh Middle East--we can't even think of all the names. Our main priority is to hit a lot of thoose countries on this world tour. We relize there are a lot of Backstreet fans around the world, and we want to make sure everybody gets a piece of us.

What with you and NSync, orlando seem to be the place to be if you want to kickoff a really sucessful career.
KEVIN: hmm... i don't know wether orlando's the place to be. I think there are millions of talented people around the world, its just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, some luck, and a lot of hard work.

do you feel like there's a pinnicle, or do you feel like you still haven't made it?
HOWIE: I don't think there's ever a time when we're going to say,"OK, this is it, it's exatly where we want to be." We still have a lot of goals set for ourselves, and we're constantly striving for each album to be bigger and better. We're very fortanute to have the sucess that we've had with the last album, selling 28 million copies worldwide. It's very hard to top that, so if we come anywhere even close to that with Millennium, we'll be very content. Hopefully, this year, we'd like to maybe see an American Music Award or a Grammy or a World Music Award. We always aspire winning one of those, because that would mean that our music is really appreciated and respected by the industry itself.

Give us a sneak peak at your upcoming tour--what goodies do you have in store for the fans?
NICK: We don't like to give out all of our secrets, especially with concerts, because we like people to come to the show and be really suprised. But we're doing 18 songs, it'll be about a two-hour show. And we're doing it in the round, on a circular stage--that's a new challenge for us. Our last torur was very sucessful, but we want to set trends, to kick ourselves up to the next level.

And speaking of millennium fever, what are your plans for New Year's Eve?
KEVIN: Well, the past six years we've pretty much been working ever Nerw Year's Eve, and we haven't really decided what we're going to do yet. we're trying not to plan things too far in advance. It might be kind of nice to spend this one with our families. With all the rumors about the Y2K bug and everything, I don't know if we want to be flying. So who knows?

Do you guys find it difficult to keep your personal lives out of the public eye?
AJ: We try to keep our personal lives as personal as we can, but obnviosly, we have to relize that's not always going to be the case. In this business, you have to relize that everytime you walk out of your hotel room, you're going to work. You're looked at differently. So if you want to come out and say that you have a girlfriend or you're getting married or doing something off the wall, then that's your prerogative. But if you choose to keep that stuff personal, then it should ber kept personal. We're five normal guys and obviously, we're going to have girlfriends, we're going to have personal lives. we'd all love to have families one day and settle down. We're not going to live by some rule that says that we're not allowed to have girlfriends, we can't go out, we can't do anything, because that's just not healthy. It doesn't make us happy. ********Note from me: You Go, AJ!!! I can see where he's coming from. I mean, like, all the popular people at school go out, don't they? There's your answer.*********

Any plans to branch out into acting?
HOWIE: We've had some offers for some films and some TV shows, but right now concentrating on on our music means that we don't really have too much time to do a major film, with the five of us. But you might see a couple of us doing some acting here and there. just keep your eves open [Winks]!

What are your favorite tracks to perform off of Milllennium?