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hi! this is the Aj bio page.

here's his bio!

The Backstreet Boys, with their cute looks and sweet songs, are every girls' dream, but that dosen't mean they're perfect to take home to mom and dad.
That's because there's a wild side to the Backstreet boys, and that's Aj McLean, the multi-tattooed member whose constant change of hairstyle and color probally makes Dennis Rodman feel inatequate. Fans love the unpredictible Aj, but the group's managers wern't always so sure he'd be a hit.
"One of our told me off when I got my tattoo," he told smash hits magizine. "They were all angry with me. I just thought, 'so what?' They were afraid that it would ruin our image. But we're not about an image. We're just abot good music. So what I do with my body is my business. I'ts forever, so I have to be prepared."
And Aj, more than most pop-stars, is prepared for controversy. In fact, he meets it head on, giving the supermarket tabloids a run for their money. As Aj himself has amitted, he has a tendancy to stretch the truth, just for the fun of it. "I'm really good at it," he admitted to Smash Hits." stopped about a year ago because I was getting carried away with it. Things started to get back on me, and your not a really a good liar if you get caught."
Still think your parents wouldn't mind about havinG him over for dinner? what if he insited on calling him by his nickname: 'Bone'? Does that mean what we really think it means what it means? Mabye, mabye not.
"There are two interpretations of the nickname", Aj told a reporter. "One is the rude one: one is the way that I look, being so skinny; and one has to do with a bunch of beads [I used to wear]--they looked like bones. Sometimes I won't even answer to Aj, I'll just answer to Bone."

Good to the Bone

As is preety obvious, Alexander James Mclean matches to his drummer, which is probably why he is so enourmusly popular with fans.
Aj was born on January 9, 1978 at Palm beach, Florida's Bethesda Memorial Hospital, the only child of Robert and Denise, emploies of IBM and a local hotel, respectibly. Although he's often stated that he had a wondeful childhood, he admits it wasn't always signing and dancing. When he was just four years old, his parents divorced. The breakup was not amicable, and Aj's Father literally dissapperaed feom his life. The seperation from his father was difficult for Aj, who felt he lost out on all of the father-son activies most of his friends had. This might have contributed to his wild streak, but rebellion came so naturally to Aj that he dosen't know for sure. What he does know for is that he really missed his father.
"I saw my fatyher for about two days at christmas time when I was six, and then that was it. I never saw him again," he told teen Magizine. that finally changed when he discovered, at the age of 18, that the man was livig a short distance away from him. deciding to take matters into his own hands, he paid his father a surprise visit. "this guy opens the door and i'm like,'is their a robert Mclean home' he says 'alex?' I walked in there and there's backstreet Boys stuff everywhere. He'd been keeping up since the day I started."
Aj's father may have been AWOL, but the rest of his family--espically his grandparents, his Uncle Bill, Aunt Darlene, and his cousin Kathy-- was there for him, providing Aj a tremendous amount of love and support when he was growing up. they also gave him the encourgment to pursue his passion for the arts, which started even before he was old enough to go to school.
"Accually, I wanted acting to be my first career," he told 16 "I wanted to be a actor or dancer." to teen beat, he said,"I was also modeling for print work in JC Penny and other national magizines. Like, if the showed a picture of a family in an ad, I would be one of the little kids."
Of all his family members, though, the most supportive was his motrher, who, in the early days oif the BSB,, accompanied the band with the under aged Aj. Shemade sure he kept up with his studies and, when nothing much was happening with thw group, keot him from giving up on his dream.

Puppet Master

Along with acting, singing and dancing, Aj also allowed to take him in a different direction. He lioved pup[pets sinc he was a little kid, and so he became a puppeteer, using many of hisstuffed animals he had since he was a baby to put on shows for people"I was bored," he told the press. "i used to have a lot of plush toys and i'd play the plush toys, and i got into puppets. I did a lot of talent shows with puppets. It just caugght on because no one had seen anyone my age be that interestedand having that much fun doing stuff with puppets. I got a majopr kick out of it, and i still do."
Still, it was acting that he was most passonite about. He made his semi-proffional acting debut at the Royal Plam Dinner Theather in Florida., playiang Dopey ina production of snow white and the seven dwarves. Many other acting jobs followed--by the time he was 12, he had done more than two dozen plays.
It was at that time that he was accepted into a well-regarded perorming arts school near his home. the dance classes at the school gave him the skill to not only mimic what he saw from other preformers, as he had done in the past but to actually understand the craft behin what they were doing.
The acting classes paid off, too. He landed a few roles, most notebly on the Nickeldodon-produced series hi, honey, i'm home, ond Nickeldodons' Welcome freshmen and fifteen.
Onse he got to highschool,Aj moved over to a regular school, and he found it wasn't as much fun--espialy the social part." I didn't hang out with the cool people," he's said."I was kinda quiet by myself. I was Mr. Comediaen when i was with my own friends, but otherwise, I was mostly quiet. I got pretty good grades, too. execpt once I got an F for pre-algbra. I hate math."
To smash Hits' magizine, he elaborated,"In school, everyone was afraid of me cuz i was such a Freak. No one would come near me; the were like,' what the heck's wrong with him? He's so weird.' I didn't fit in. I was in a class of my own. i was just very different. I was an entertainer. If you're a singer or dancer, you are considerded a freak. But just look at me now."
Yes, look at him now! Of course, fame dos havve it's downside. "touring can be exausting sometimes," he says. "and sometimes there are to many demands on us."
But such things, he emphasizes, are minor complaints, considering all he has to be thankful for.
"the fact that things are going so quickly is what's blowing my mind," he's said. "the pace of sucess--it's like 'slow down and give me a little time to have a life.' I never went to my prom. I never really went to highschool. I was tutored. I graduatied, but I did my class work in a hotel room. I still got to fly back and graduate with my class, though. I was nervous. All my friends and family were watching as I walked up the stasge to accept my diploma. And what do I do? I trip!"
for Aj McLean, one of the misssteps in his carrer. (no pun intended!)