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Eugene Nichols Nero - Il Turismo Genealogico-Genealogical Tourism®

Looking for Ancestors?

Do you need your ancestors' records researched in Abruzzo or the surrounding regions?

We provide: REAL birth/baptism/marriage certificates back to 1800:
Cost $35 per document. Minimum 3 documents.
Work includes copy of original, English translation and Family Tree Diagram. 

Standard Requirements:
Please include birth names, dates & towns!
Minimum date information: we would need at least the year of birth. We'll find the month & day.

Please note that this work involves many years of experience, the knowledge of both languages, the ability to read Italian Calligraphy, and excellent relations with the government archivists & their offices.

Eugene Nero
1790 S Treasure Drive Suite 2C
Miami Beach, Florida 33141 USA
305 993 5023 or

Il Turismo Genealogico - Genealogical Tourism ®
2002 Summer Tour Information:

We'll be leading groups back to Abruzzo in July through October.  

Please contact us if you'd like to join. Reasonable costs; high quality.
Time periods available: 1 to 4 weeks. Pick up & drop off at Rome airport, Sunday mornings.
We'll personally be meeting & greeting you at the airport.

Included: Meet & Greet at Rome airport, transport to your family's home town or ours; meeting lost relatives based on verified research; working visits to church & state archive offices; optional side-trips to Rome, Pompeii & Capri. Three home-cooked Italian meals daily, all Italian drinks you want. The best food & people in the world! Come & enjoy real Abruzzese hospitality.
Please note: double occupancy only, minimum of four in your party.

Cost per person $115 per night, includes everything round-trip from Rome airport.
Pre-Pay Half by May 1, 2002;
Balance Due on or before your arrival & pickup at Rome airport.

Dates available: Last Sunday of June(23) through 2nd Sunday of October(13).
Length of stay: 1 to 4 weeks.
Optional side-trips to Rome, Naples, Pompeii & Capri are additional.

Special Announcement
Just became available!!
For those of us who prefer apartments, we have been authorized to rent out 9 apartments in the Montenerodomo- -Fallascoso--Torricella Peligna area for the entire summer.They are 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms. These are going to go fast, so please call for quotes asap! Close out date, definitely: May 1, 2002. No extensions! Construction just completed! Likewise Sunday to Sunday! Reserve now; don't cry later!

Hope to see you there, 

Eugene Nichols Nero - Il Turismo Genealogico - Genealogical Tourism ®
Nichols = Coladonato
(My mom's dad did that after Ellis Island!)

Family names already researched in our family tree:
(Count as of 10 February 2002: 1518)
Albano, Annonio, Antonelli, Apromonte, Barchiesi, Benigno, Bianco, Bonino, Borrega, Bottino, Brusca, Cacciavillani, Calabre, Calabrese, Carmena, Carozza, Cartenesetta, Cianni, Coladonato, Colarosa, Coletti, Croce, D'Alessandro, D'Antonio, D'Orazio, De Aspro, De Felice, DeBiase, Di Alisio, Di Angelo, Di Florio, Di Francesco, Di Giacomantonio, Di Giulio, Di Iorio, Di Lionardo, Di Lullo, Di Nicolantonio, Di Pietrantonio, Di Rocco, Di Tollo, Di Tomaso, Di Tommaso, Thomas, Di Valerio, Dulisse, Evangelista, Fatta, Fortune, Frescura, Fusco, Gentile, Gialluca, Giangierdano, Giangiulli, Gramjeanolo, Gretto, Imbastaro, Imeli, LaBella, Liberto, Luca, Maccarone, Melchiorre, Millietta, Muratore, Nardo, Negro, Nero, Nigro, Ofena, Orpello, Pacchiaci, Pagnotta, Palomeno, Paparella, Passalacqua, Pelligrini, Piccoli, Piccone, Pizzo, Profetta, Radomille, Romano, Rossi, Ross, Rubino, Salario, Salemi, Salomone, Salvatore, Santangelo, Santille, Santore, Santori, Scafite, Sciubba, Scuderi, Simone, Spadaro, Spanno, Tacconelli, Taddeo, Tamborrino, Tamburrino, Tamburrini, Tarantini, Tete, Teti, Tate, Travatello, Travatella, Zarro, Zitarelli.

The above list is copywrited © Eugene Nichols Nero 2001 All Rights Reserved
Respect to be respected. Please do not copy ! Thanks. Mortem quam dedecus!

Eugene Nichols Nero - Il Turismo Genealogico-Genealogical Tourism®
1790 S Treasure Dr Apt 2C
Miami Beach, FL 33141
305 993 5023
Genealogy without documentation is little more than hearsay.

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Last Revision: 10 February 2002