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Blue Rodeo: Tremolo (1997)

Jim Cuddy - vocals, guitar, mandolin, piano on track 1
Kim Deschamps - pedal & lap steel, banjo, bottleneck guitar
Bazil Donovan - bass, upright bass, guitar on track 2 
James Gray - keyboards, guitar on tracks 1 & 7
Greg Keelor - vocals, guitar, drums on track 4
Glenn Milchem - drums, percussion, guitar on tracks 4, 13 & 14
Additional musicians: 
Colin Cripps - guitar on tracks 1 & 9
John Whynot - background vocals on tracks 1,7 & 12 / Guitar on tracks 5 & 7
String section tracks 7,9,11 & 12
Adele Armin - violin; Arthur Jansons - viola; Mi Hyon Kim - violin; 
Audrey King - cello; David McFadden - violin; Vera Tarnowsky - violin; 
Kent Teeple - viola; Kirk Worthingston - cello
Strings arranged & conducted by John Whynot
 Moon & Tree Well I've been out walking Talking to moon and tree And the tall spring grass Like waves on a dark green sea So much of what we are We will always be And I don't mind getting lost In your dream (chorus) Your eyes are a mirror Your grace fills my soul Your heart like a river Your tears are my own They are my own Well I feel like I'm walking on hot coals And I don't mind getting burned But I fear for this soul You fell into my life The way a star falls from the sky Now I'm forever lost in your eyes (chorus)  Shed My Skin You've got troubles on your mind Keeps you away from me There's no sense in denying And I've cursed myself for the longest time And now I find I just don't mind Leave your coat beside the door Come and lay here On this blanket on the floor And we'll throw our candles In the flames tonight Set it right try to set it right (chorus) When all our tears coming down are gone And I shed my skin before this evening's done If we never get the chance To come back here again I'll understand you know I'll understand You know I'll understand All the spirits of the night Watch us sleeping here Beside the firelight And I'll hold my tongue Till this moment's gone Kiss the dawn Stay to kiss the dawn (chorus)  No Miracle, No Dazzle What's so obvious now Was just as obvious then What the whole world already knew I was the last to admit I guess I'm a fool But I just can't stand the pain And I'd rather hide in this empty hope Then to go through all that shit again (chorus) You say we don't live together We just share the same house Funny how you took the words Right out of my mouth No miracle no dazzle My tongue is tied And at this point there ain't much difference Between the leaving And the left behind I still remember When you tried to be discreet I thought I was going crazy But it was just you lying through your teeth Now you don't even bother Yeah there's no need to pretend You don't make up those stupid answers anymore When I ask you where you've been (chorus)  Falling Down Blue Everyone tells me I'm lucky Got my whole life to live yet I can't say they're wrong But the days seem so long Living inside of my head Maybe I'll get some relief now Now that your things are all gone I won't sit here staring At nothing all night Bleary-eyed greeting the dawn (chorus) All right I miss you tonight And I'm not really sure what to say It keeps rolling in like a slow moving train It gets harder and harder each day Each time I think that the worst of it's through I am stopped in my tracks by some vision of you All right I miss you tonight I admit that I'm falling down blue She lived outside of the city On days when I'd visit her there I'd watch her out dancing All lit by the moon The cold winds of time in her hair Then we'd go driving for hours Turn off the lights and just glide Moving like spirits Along through the night The light through the trees as our guide (chorus)  I Could Never Be That Man I've got my reasons for holding back Can't give my trust too fast I've pulled myself out of the wreck Too many times To think that words can last You need someone to help you When you're down Pick you like a pearl from the sand Somebody who is devoted to you Right beside you when you take a stand I could never be that man You have a special shrine in your room Pictures of lovers on the wall I loved to lie there and look into their eyes So confident before you let them fall Will you tell me please How you get them off their knees Twirling round you fast as they can How did you know That it worries me so Not the ones who fall the ones who stand Oh I could never be that man I still remember that time in my life When I was sinking so low You stayed with me all through the night Sang me some songs you know Now as time goes on I wonder what went wrong Didn't I fit into your little plan Couldn't I be the one You lay your troubles on Walk you to the edge and hold your hand Pick you like a pearl from the sand I'll open every doorway that I can Oh I could never be that man  Beautiful Blue How many times have you opened up this skull With your delicate stone And laughed while my blood splashes Down to the ground She drinks me up like a parched old bone I curse you for the pain And thank you for making me whole again (chorus) I am hopelessly Shamelessly Anointed with you There's no escaping Your beautiful blue The wind blows hot on my flesh Scented with jasmine and roses Ringing with bells And the flutter of a hummingbird You go to speak But the wind blows away your words And from your sweet mouth So many beautiful colours swirl (chorus) Into your blood stained hands A white eagle feather descends And all creation sings And I am remembering (chorus)  Fallen From Grace Well the sun won't ever shine Not like it used to do And there will be moonlight in the sky Won't mean a thing to you Friends and relations say you've changed They say that it's written in your face Better get used to living like this Now that you've fallen from grace And you will walk across the floor As the night becomes day There will be trouble coming down Sent round to test your faith Then when the friends you used to wait for Stop coming around to your place You better get strong somehow Now that you've fallen from grace Better get used to the sorrow Better get used to the pain Don't even worry about tomorrow You know it's only today all over again (repeat) Never mind the paper and the pen They can't help you anymore Forget about the music That used to lift up your soul And when the lover That you lean on Turns round and shows you a stranger's face Better get used to living like this Now that you've fallen from grace Better get used to living like this Now that you've fallen from grace  Me & Baz Things are much worse Than what I first let on I'm spinning out I don't know how I let things get So far gone So far gone I don't know how I Let the stakes get so high And so did I Now I can't tell difference between The truth or a lie The truth or a lie Hey there Baz Won't you twist one up for the ride Cause we've both been down this road so many times And we've sang all these old songs Deep into the night Yea my soul it's out of touch That's my problem I think too much And I don't know if I'll make it home alive Too far gone Oh dear darkness If your gonna take me take me now I've had enough And I don't fear cause I've seen the light That shines behind the shadows door There's a light that shines There's a light that shines There's a light that shines  Disappear You always say That I get it too late Or not at all So then it shouldn't seem so strange That I would sing you a love song now Because I feel like I'm gonna fall (chorus) You closed your eyes You made a wish You laughed and looked at me And said what are you still doing here That was before I learned how To disappear (repeat) It was a strange day We went down to the sea To watch the waves And of course it had to rain Still you danced in and out along the shore And in your hand You held a sand dollar (chorus) There is a place In my heart That is yours And I'll always respect Because some times I lose sight of the miracle Find myself going round and round in circles (chorus)  It Could Happen To You They broke off the locks and they opened the doors Pushed up the windows and painted the floors Grew a little garden outside in the rust and sand Raised up the roof till it touched the sky Picked up the pieces that were left to die Brought this building back with a healing hand When you see trouble You're bound to move in on the double Cause you leave your mark upon everything In your head those Liberty Bells still ring But we know that you don't even mean A thing you say So you brought in the army to do your job Of kicking in doors and swinging their clubs Back in the morning to watch Themselves on the news You're doing the bidding of the money man If it turns out right they'll call you friend One little favour how could you really refuse Oh my heart is sinking Same old useless worn out thinking You live your life in the court of kings Bow to the ruler and kiss the ring But we don't even understand a thing you say It could happen to you It could happen to you It could happen to you sometime When you least expect it Done by the ones that you never suspected All your bills come due It could happen to you You really got to wonder what you did it for Cause you don't need an army To move out the poor You brought it out once I know You could bring it again Oh my heart is sinking Same old useless worn out thinking You live your life in the court of kings Count your money as the Raven sings Safe and sound when the wrecking ball swings But all your riches won't mean a thing someday Oh it could happen to you Oh it could happen to you Oh it could happen to you Oh it could happen to you  Dragging On Wouldn't it be just like me To come undone Get mad and lose my head Leave with the bitter taste Of poison on my tongue From the things I said Things I said You left a hole in me And the rain comes pouring in Sometimes I'm swept away All of our memories Are burned into my skin They never fade They never fade It's cold out Nobody wants to be the one Who gets thrown out Left in the rain like the lonely one When it all comes down To who's been right or wrong We're just dragging on Keep dragging on Could it be someone else's Life we're looking for I know we wait in vain We leave a mess behind us Laid out on the floor We try but we don't change We never change It's cold here We're too scared to wake up to face the day It seemed so clear Oh as we run out of things to say Oh and it all comes down To who's been getting strong We keep dragging on Keep dragging on Hours and hours I have laid here on this bed I know I'm sinking through Waiting to wake up From this vision in my head But I never do I never do Oh I think I'm done Oh I think I'm done Oh I think I'm done  Brother Andre's Heart Did they ever pay the ransom On Brother Andre's heart I once saw it bleed on his feast day The blood ran cold and grey From the purple satin altar To the cold green marble floor The cold green marble floor And I climbed that mountain On my knees In my hand I held a rosary Saying I believe Step by step Bead by bead by bead Bead by bead by bead Do you now Believe That you found a place Where you belong Don't be shy Don't hide your smile Don't hide your smile Don't hide your smile Your beautiful smile  Frogs' Lullaby I sing this song For the frogs In my head Cause they're always there Singing Singing  Graveyard Well I love these nervous breakdowns And I love these new skins And I love that you were brave enough To sleep with all my friends And I love these new beginnings And I love these messy ends And I love that you keep pounding On this drum inside my head And the once and future destiny Of your self fulfilling prophesy No longer the enemy You accept it willingly And all the demons are saints And the saints I'll never trust So let's go kick over tombstones In the graveyard of my heart In the graveyard of my heart Produced by Blue Rodeo & John Whynot All songs written by Keelor/Cuddy except "No Miracle, No Dazzle" by Keelor/Cuddy/McAdorey/Cripps All songs published by Thunderhawk Music (SOCAN), except "No Miracle, No Dazzle" published by Thunderhawk Music/Klyde Publishing/Queen Of Cups (SOCAN). Copyright 1997 Blue Rodeo Productions. All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

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