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Globe & Mail Article

Roundup Time For Blue Rodeo

Alan Niester

Friday, February 25, 2000

To call singer/guitarists Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor the Lennon and McCartney of Canadian rock 'n' roll in some ways does them a disservice, because they've been working together at a consistently high level for a lot longer than their better-known British counterparts ever did.

The long-time Blue Rodeo frontmen have been building a catalogue of quality songs since releasing their first single, Try, in 1987. And since that debut, Blue Rodeo, in its various incarnations, has arguably been Canada's finest and most consistent (if somewhat underrated) rock and roll band, as songs such as Diamond Mine, Trust Yourself, Bad Timing, Lost Together and many others so wonderfully attest.

Amazingly, Toronto never seems to tire of the band. No matter how often they appear here, whether for the occasional Horseshoe Tavern appearance, the now annual Stardust Picnic festival at Fort York or the summer club dates in cottage country, it's always a hot ticket. As evidence, the Massey Hall stop on their current cross-country tour was originally intended as a one-nighter. Ticket demand led to the scheduling of a second show (tonight) and a third (Saturday).

Look for lots of the old classics, but expect too a healthy dose of numbers from the band's just-released The Days In Between CD, a work that revisits the tightly structured country-pop formulas that gave the band some of its most memorable moments. Feb. 25-26, 8 p.m., $34.50, Massey Hall, 178 Victoria St., 416-872-4255 or 416-870-8000. (At press time, a very limited number of tickets for both performances were still available).

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