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The Globe & Mail Article

Blue Rodeo Dismisses Guitarist

By Bruce Mowat

Monday, October 11, 1999

Kim Deschamps has received his pink slip from Blue Rodeo. The 44-year-old pedal-steel guitarist for the popular Toronto-based group was given his walking papers after a band meeting last week.

At the request of his lawyer, Craig Parks, Deschamps declined to comment on the circumstances of his departure or his reaction. But in a terse E-mail missive to music-industry insiders this week, he wrote he had been "fired without comment" by the band. He declared himself "immediately available" for job offers.

In a statement delivered last week to Warner Music Canada, the band's record label, Blue Rodeo stated that after eight years with Deschamps, it had decided to pursue "a different creative direction." Warner spokesperson Steve Blair confirmed that Deschamps's instrumental contributions to the band's eighth studio recording will appear on the album when it is released in the new year.

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