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Welcome, my name is Shawn Rogers. The reason for this page is to share my motorcycles and help spread this disease commonly known as MLI (Moto Lust Italia). This bike is the first round case i have restored. I still have three to go, a 71 GT750, 61 Diana 250, and a 74 GT750. I will update the site as they are restored. I do plan on adding a Sport photo gallery of other peoples bikes in the future. Get out and ride!!!

73 Ducati Sport

Nothing compares to riding a motorcycle that you have taken apart and lovingly reassembled. The Sport is my second restoration and I would like to thank the following people for their help. Tony O'Conner(Eldorado Seat Restorations)for the top notch job on the seat. If you ever need a seat recovered or restored Tony is the only one to call. 618 8332 3298 (Australia)Also Ian Falloon, for answering many questions via email and writing Ducati Twins restoration guide(bevel bible).Russ at, A.I.H. Chrome.

Thank you Ing. Taglioni!!!

Here is a picture of before and after. The engine was the first thing to be restored on the bike.


The previous owner said the bike sat outside for a few years. All the chrome was rusted, but everything was there or in boxes.The rest of the bike was rough but not as bad as i had thought. After a few kicks she came to life, a deal was struck and she followed me home.