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Raven's Lair

Hello! Welcome to my lair! I'm glad you decided to stop by! The purpose of my page is to be able to have a place where I can openly express myself. I'll be updating this page as often as I can, so you can check back every once in awhile. It's still under construction right now, so it may be awhile before I add everything that I want to add!

My Online Friends.

    Okay guys, I'll try to list everyone!=)

  • Yoffi1985, gertiemae_1, Jesse, Moosie, Tamara, LovesJesus, Ashley, Fire4Christ, Pookagrl, BSB13861, Erin, Ray Jay, Manna, WWJD, NuGtriuqS, Mystical Angel, Potter's Clay, Unfazed, Grace, Cajun, Donut, PunkFan, Schwinn077, SmileGrl91, JesterCAM, Be2Slow, JayCavJr, Patriot, OkieKD, AvesFan303, JCPower, DLucus2 Crusader, Duane4Jesus, NancySync, Princess Nivcole, Variable, Britnee187, Snicky36, Heart4Christ, princess, Sweet Angel775, Nickey85, Dee, Leah, Nikky

My Favorite Web Sites

EaglesNest- Awesome Christian Teen Chat
Another kewl christian chatroom
A kewl site for teens!
If u like supposedly true ghost stories visit this site!

About Me!:
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