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That was Yummy !

Pam's Place Easter Crafts Page 2


Happy Easter !

Just click on a project for directions and have fun !

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Peek A Boo Egg
Click here for peek a boo egg directions
These start with a blown egg and are then dyed and decorated with scraps of ribbon, rickrack or sequins and miniature toys or magazine cutouts. You will also need cardboard, scissors, pencil and glue.
Can Basket
Click here for can basket directions.
These are made from concentrated juice cans or round oatmeal containers cut in half and then decorated with wrapping paper or fabric. You will also need a sharp knife (adults only), paintbrush, pencil, ribbon, a cloth tape measure and scissors. These can be filled with easter grass and plastic eggs filled with candy or cloth flowers.
Milk Jug Bunny
Click here for Milk Jug Bunny directions.
You will need a plastic milk jug, scissors, glue, a hole puncher, a permanent marker, yarn or ribbon, a large cotton ball, and one felt square in each of the following colors: white, pink and black.
Balloon String Basket
Click here for Balloon String Basket directions.
You will need a balloon, yarn in your choice of color (verigated works well), and glue. This is a messy craft, but great for the kids. When these are dried, they can be used to hold all the eggs you find on Easter morning.
String Egg
Click here for String Egg directions.
This starts out the same way as the String Egg Basket above, only you cover the entire balloon with string and let it dry, before popping. You will need a balloon, yarn and glue.

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