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Welcome to Pam's Place Valentine's Crafts Page 3.

Love Birds

Love Bird Love Bird For this pair, you will need 1 white pipe cleaner cut in half, two white 2" pom-poms, two light blue 1" pom-poms, 4 wiggly eyes, school glue and red felt.
Start by bending each pipe cleaner into a V shape and then bending half way down each "leg" for knees. You can also slightly bend the ends out for feet. This should sit nicely on the edge of a table.
Then glue the white pom-pom to the "legs" for the body and the light blue pom-pom on top of the white for the head. While this dries, cut out a red felt heart a little bigger than the white pom-pom for the bird's wings. Then cut two smaller hearts for the sides of the white pom-poms. These should fit flat on the sides without sticking out. Also cut out a small red felt diamond for the bird's beak. Glue the large heart to the back, point down. Glue the two smaller hearts flat to the sides of the white pom-pom and the two wiggly eyes and beak to the front of the blue pom-pom and let dry.

LACE HEART (pictured below)

You need pipe cleaners, tri-beads, and twice the length of a "threadable" lace (lace that has a seam tape binding, like most eyelet laces). "Thread" the pipe cleaner through the lace, putting a bead on after each hole, and wrap the pipe cleaner's ends together. Mold the wire into a heart shape. Add ribbons, bows, or other appropriate decorations.
Lace Heart Lace Heart
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