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~Harold's Beam Robotics Page~

B.E.A.M. stands for:

Updates! Hi everyone! Well, it's been a long time uploading this page. I hope everyone still visits here to check it for updates. Good news. I already bought a new scanner just to post some of my beam creatures. That's one of the reason why I can't update my site. Luckily, I've finished my final walker. This one took me several months to finish. I planned it so hard and took some research from the internet. Please stay tuned for more updates especially this coming August. Beam links were updated. Please feel free to e-mail me regarding to Beam Robots. Thanks for your patience and this page will be up soon. I promise! 'Til then...Bye!

Added New Sites:

One of Tilden's walker (My Inspiration!)
Yahoo! Clubs (Beam Robotics)
Beam Robotics Tek (great)
Beam WebRing
Bicoreeos (cool)
Beam Web
A-Life Robotics & other Worlds
BEAM search engine!
Basic Beam Robotics
Lots of links regarding robots.
Beam Net
Solarbotics (great site with great info/pics)
Robot images and stuff (check it out)
Useful electronic circuits
Tutorial for a Bicore Walker
LANL BEAM Workshop! (check it out)
Chiu's Beam Robotics (not updated)
Beam Online (awesome)