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Now this is for all of you who have been waiting for something that has some real stuff to read on it... But it can't be coz this is

DuDe I'M sCrEwEd!!

So here's this week's article:


~ I know you're all probably wondering what the heck kind of article is THIS?! But this is DUDE I'M SCREWED, and all our stuff is "Screwed", with no exceptions!! And another thing - The Chihuahua deserves some credit -- He's kewl!

~ First of all, I want y'all to know that it took me like 3 MILLION YEARS to learn how to spell the actual word Chihuahua -- which made writing this article even harder -- so before I go to talking about the Chihuahua, I wanna be concieted -- I think I deserve some recognition.

~ Okay, well the Chihuahua (who's actually a gurl chihuahua by the name of Gidget -- i've done my studying -- haha) has got one busy schedule -- all those Taco Bell commercials!! I mean, if I were him - or her, I mean - I'd be like havin a breakdown!

~ And, being able to speak two languages! I mean, talk about one smart guy! Sounds like someone I should get to know -- ooh la la -- nah i'm juss playin...

~ And he's (she's -- whatever!!) got the best clothes -- haha -- and is always hangin in the best spots... he has the best rides...

~ Well, I think that about wraps it up... if you'd like to give me another subject to write about, send it HERE!

And if you'd like to write your own article, send that HERE!

So ThAnKs! Well, c ya!