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CTA Newsletter #5

CTA Newsletter #5

Hello everyone! It is me, Ranger Grand Moff Wampa, greeting you with the 5th issue of the CTA Newsletter. In this issue you will find a few great articles, prayer requests, and lots of other stuff. I have not had time in the past two weeks to write up a Bible Triva but I promise you that there will be one in a future issue. Also I would like to thank all of you for your never ending support and I would like to remind you to send me ANYthing and EVERYthing you have heard, seen, or read. This is really the best thing you can do to help this newsletter to grow and prosper.


Letters From Our Readers


I didnít receave any letters that stated opions or anything like that but I once again did receave quite a few like the following:

Dear Sir, I think the Newsletter is great and I would like to help you out by becoming your Senior Editor. I have lots of experence and I think that you need me to help you if you want this Newsletter to go on.

Now some of the letters I receaved were mellower that this and there were even a few that were down write cold hearted which simply stated that they wouldnít read the Newsletter unlesss they got to be my second in command. I am happy that you all want to help with this newsletter but the fact is is that right know I really donít need any help in that way. I do need all of the readers to send me lots of info and to write up an occasionl article and to partipate in the contests. So please if you can try not to send me any more of thoose emails I would be very grateful.




This week I will be reviewing a computer game called Rivan. In the review I will be useing a few quates from the magazine Breakaway and I would like to thank them for any of the quates I use.

Rivan This game rocks! I would recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles, great graphics, or just likes to play video games. I would NOT recommend it to any one who only likes shoot um up games as there is absolutely no violence in this game. The biggest reason I have not found many Christians playing this game is because some people say that some of the stuff is magical or not God centered. i have recentaly found out from the latest issue of Breakaway that the two borthers who made the game are both strong Christians who made the game for Godís glory. They said that they based the game upon some of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. In their home town they get alot of cold shoulders from the other Christians but they say to them that they need to ease up alittle because as soon as they see the word fantsy they just walk away from it. I agree with them on this as I have observed this in my home town too.


Scripture of the Week


4 As servants of God we commend ourselves in every way: in great endurance; in troubles, hardships and distresses;

5in beatings, imprisionments and riots;

6in hard work, sleepless nights and hunger; in purity, understanding, patience and kindness; in the Holy Spirt and in sinceree love;

7in truthful speech and in the power of God; with weapons of righteousness in the right hand and in the left;

8through glory and dishoner, bad report and good report; geniune, yet regarded as imposters;

9known, yet regared as unknown; dying, and yet we live on; beaten, and yet not killed

10sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.

2 Corninthians 6:4-10

Thought of the week:

Follow God now and spend eternity in the nonsomeking section.

Bible reading plan:

5/3 Act. 1:11

5/4 Act. 4:10

5/5 Act. 19:13

5/6 Rom. 3:22

5/7 Rom. 3:26

5/8 Rom. 6:23

5/9 Eph. 1:1

5/10 Eph. 6:24

5/11 Phil. 2:11

5/12 1Th. 1:10

5/13 2Ti. 3:12

5/14 Rev. 1:9

5/15 Rev. 17:6

5/16 Rev. 22:21




This week you will find a quick article writen up by me and one writen by Josh Lunn, one of our two faithful leaders. I hope you enjoy these and in the future try to write up a half-page article that I can publish in a future issue.

W.W.J. D. by Ranger Grand Moff Wampa, Offical Editor of the CTA Newsletter

What Would Jesus Do??? Such a simple question but truly one of the most important ones youíll ever ask. I am sure that all of you have seen in all the Christian stores little bracelits or things like that that have this very important question on them and I bet that at least half of you own something with that question on it. I know I do. And I am sure that you also know the story of how this question got on every item imaginable: Once there was a small town thatís government was falling to pieces. All the people attempted to fix it but the towns ideas were so unGodly that none of them worked. than one day somebody suggested that in all of their discions they ask What Would Jesus Do to help them dicide what would be the best choice. After alittle while the town was back to normal and after another three months it was doing better than it had ever done before. I know that my life has changed since I started asking that question in my own daily life and I asure you that it can change your life to if you let it.

The Future of CTA by Jedi Master DS-61-9

I often find myself thinking about CTA and it's future and the impact it has done. I sometimes wonder if it is actually helping at all! I wonder how I can make CTA the best trading alliance it can be. When I started CTA I had no idea how it would turn out and how many people would join. So many ideas I never dreamed about when CTA was started. Now I see Skavatar (ranger of the webpage) working hard on CTA's homepage. He has worked hard on the chat room, bulletin board, and the "member list" and much more. And Grand Moff Wampa (ranger of newsletters) has been sending out awesome newsletters to every member. And also DrDomovoi and Coopman (squadron leaders) have been making sure the refs are checked and telling me when their is someone to promote. I can barely imagine what CTA will be like after a year. I hope that everyone will send their comments to me or Daniel or a "ranger". One thing I want to get started soon, is a prayer chain. But there cannot be a chain without links and I need people to e-mail me to become links in our chain. So if you want to be one of the links please e-mail me at! Also I would hope that you tell your friends about CTA and why you joined! The way I see it if only one person comes to know the Lord and Savior it is worth all the time in the world that I have put into this! In closing, I would like to thank the entire staff of CTA because all of them are doing an outstanding job and I hope that people who may not be a ranger" will still send us comments and be involved! Thanks!

The "Genesis" squadron is full with 50 people and the "Exodus" squadron is also quickly filling up! I need another "ranger" who will do ref checks for the "Leviticus" squadron! If you are interested or have any questions please write to me at! Thanks!

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am Major Skavatar. I have been working on the CTA webpage for about 4 weeks now. For those of you who have not seen it, it is quite nifty. The Chatroom and BBS are "fully armed and operational" as GMT would say. I've also created a member's list with everyone's name, rank, alias, email and a link to their homepages(if they have one). I'm still missing some info on some of you, so take a look and send me the missing info, thanks. I invite everyone to take a look at our webpage.

Major "Ranger" Skavatar(Rebel For Christ)


Prayer Requests


All the prayer requests in this section will need prayer so try to add at least one of them to your prayer before you go to bed or at any time during the day. If you have something that needs prayer then write up a short summary of what you need prayer for and send it to me. You can also just ask for a silent prayer request in which you just say that you need prayer but not what it is for, which you can just say that you have an unspoken. You can also request that I donít publish it and that just me, Daniel,Joshua, and all the other Rangers pray for it. Please read all of these and try to pray for them. Also if your prayer has been answered please send me a letter telling me what happened.

I would like it if you could lift up in prayer a friend of mine named Patrick because he is dealing with some hard times in his life and needs some help. I've been trying to get him to come to church but his parents won't let him come because of bad experiences in the past. But now me and a fellow friend have taken on the task to get him to church, but he could also use some pray. Sincerely, Matt Lunn

Me and my bud need prayer. We are being accused of being bad traders by Klingdragon! I don't really like him but he was in William's part of the auction not mine so I can't even make recomendations to him. But William doesn't want to sell him the cards because he complained and told us that we were stupid and that we had way to many problems. So William and I made an agreement to ban him from the auction, but now he is saying that he will report us as bad traders and a whole lot of other stuff, so I am asking for prayer in this matter because I am not a thief and niether is William as you well know because you resieved your cards on time and in good condition. Please pray for me and more for William because I have the 43 refs and he only has about 13. Thank you. General Genoside


Auctions and Have/Want list ads


Here I will list auctions that people are having or have/want lists that people can look at. For space reasons I will have to ask that you just write up a short summary of what your auction or have/want list has to offer. It should be no longer than 50 or so words and make sure that you include your e-mail address somewhere in it and if you are selling cards than also send me a copy of the cards you have and the prices you will be charging.

Hey, please email for the AWESOME AUCTION !!Cards included - R2D2, BB Vaders TIE, Rogue 2, a Japanese Death Star Gunner, and much, much more !!!!!!!!




This is a section that will be devoted towards the card games we play and enjoy. Every week I will earther have a contest or triva about a movie or a card game. This will most likely always be about SWCCG as from my poll 99% of you ether play just it or play it and another card game. Please send me all your answers at and if this goes well you can count on this as a section that will always be here.

Ok here are the winners for guessing the stats for the following cards.

Mighty Sarlacc (2nd Antholgy)

Destiny: 0

Type: creature

Lore: Jabba's alternative way to deal with bad people. Very long. Was

very happy to receive so much meal at the Jabba's liberty battle.

Tentacles used to reach desperate people trying to evade.

Ferocity: *

Mouth: 4

Gametext: Deploy only at Tatooine: Great Pit Of Carkoon or Big One:

Cave. *Ferocity = total power of characters/creatures eaten. Starting

ferocity of destiny. One per turn, a character at same site cannot move

and is eaten at the end of the turn, unless another character of power >

ferocity or with a character weapon is present.

"Alain A. Rheaume"

General Solo (Endor)

Affiliation: Rebel

Destiny: 1

Lore: Leader of Rebel Strike Force to forest moon of Endor. Successfully dismantled the Death Star II's shield. Is sure that Luke "wasn't up there when that thing blew". Befriends fuzz balls and small help. Loves Princess Liea.

Game text: Deploys only to Endor. If Dismantle Shield Generator epic event is unsuccessful, may immediately try again. Liea is Ability +1 when present. Adds 2 to power of any starship he pilots, 2 to maneauver of Shuttle Tyderium. Sneak Attack Interrupt may not be used where Solo present.

Icons: Warrior and Pilot

Power: 4

Ability: 4

Deploy: 3

Forfiet: 7


General Calrision (Death Star)

Affiliation: Rebel

Destiny: 1

Lore: Promoted after battle of Canab. Leader of Rebel Fleet on its assault against the Death Star II. Assures Han that "she- she won't get a scratch".

Game Text: Adds 1 to power of all starfighters present. All Ties are forfiet -1 at same system. Adds 2 to power of any starship he pilots, 3 to Millenium Falcon. Any ship he pilots is forfiet -1.

Icons: Warrior and Pilot

Power: 4

Ability: 3

Deploy: 4

Forfiet: 6


Dash Render (Shadows of the Empire)

Type: Rebel

Destiny: 2

Lore: "Smuggler" who helped the Alliance during the battle of Hoth. Played a big role in the search for Han Solo and Boba Fett, and the death of Xizor and the Fall of Black Sun. Contact of Lando Calrissian.

Power: 3

Ability: 2

GT: Adds 2 to power of any starship he pilots. On Outrider, adds 2 to maneuver and draws one battle destiny if not able otherwise. During your control phase, may use 2 Force to search your reserve deck and take any Concussion Grenade or Thermal Detonator into hand. Shuffle, cut and replace.

Deploy: 3


Warrior, Pilot

"Alain A. Rheaume"

Lord Vader (Death Star)

Type: Imperial

Destiny: 1

Lore: Servant of the dark side of the force. Still has some Ďgoodí in him. Is more machine than human now. Was once Anikin Skywalker.

Power: 7

Ability: 6

Game Text: Adds three to any starship he piliots. On Vaderís Modified Custom Tie also adds four to munervour. Adds 1 to all destiny draws at same site. When at same site is Empoer is power plus two and oppent may not draw weapon or battle destiny. Once per game a lightsaber you just lost may deploy here directly from your lost pile. Immunane to attrition.

Deploy: 7

Forfit: 9

Warrior, Piliot By someone who wished their name not to be published.

Ok and here is next weeks contest which will be another stat guessing contest.

Prince Xior (Shadows of the Empire)

Empeor Paplitine (Death Star)

Zorba The Hutt (???)

Rancor Sadle (???)

Skyhook (Shadows of the Empire)




Well I hope you enjoyed this issue and I will talke to you all in two weeks. Keep following Godís will and have a great two weeks!

A brother and warrior in Christ,

Ranger Grand Moff Wampa, Official Editor of the CTA Newsletter