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CTA Newsletter #4

CTA Newsletter #4

Hi everybody! This is Ranger Grand Moff Wampa greeting you with the 4th issue of the CTA Newsletter. This week I have added in a Bible reading plan for the whole week. I will talk more about it in itís own section. Next issue I will be adding a Bible triva also so I could use any ideas you might have for the questions in it. Also the CTA Newsletter is now going to be bi-weekly. Doing this will make me a little less presured for time and allow me to put more effort in each issue. One more thing for the last two issues I have sent it to Daniel and than he sent it to you. From now on I will be sending out so you can just hit reply to send me a letter.


Letters From Our Readers


Once again I didnít receave any real letters that would be bebefical for you to read why this I donít know. But please try to mail me everything you have read, seen, or heard. This newsletter needs all the reader partisipation it can get. Also I have felt a calling from God to show you the following letter again. This person really needs prayer so please make sure you put him in at least one prayer this week. Also the person in charge of the CTA Webpage has asked me to ask you to


Unfortunately I have to inform you that a member of SWTA has turned out to be a bad trader.His e-mail address is Major

Kerry L. Bradford Jr.

C.P.O. 0035

P.O.Box 700

New Brunswick, N.J. 08903

After several people accused Bren of being a ripper, I had VA Opey One (leader of SWTA's special Force team) investigate the matter , and it turned out the accusation against Bren were true .

Most ripper work with phony references, but not Bren. He has a list of more than 35 people he actually traded with (including myself). Using those refs he set up several (probably more than 10) trades about 4 weeks ago. I have not been able to get in touch with all off those people, but I know of at least 4 who did not receive their cards.

Since Bren is a member of many trading groups he is probably also using his high rank to convince people that he is trustworthy. - I'll send a copy of this letter to Admiral Kessel Prison Guard of TNR, Admiral Jedi of STARS and Admiral Wolfman of GAB, as well as to all people on Bren's reference list I know of. If you have friends who trade online, you should warn them as well. Even though this will not help the people he has ripped off, hopefully it will prevent him from doing any more damage.

Admiral Lujayne Forge


Testimonies Of Our Readers


This week I have still receaved no testimonies whatsoever. This will be the last time for awhile that this section will be in the Newsletter unless I receave some response to it. Please send me your testimonies! God will bless you for doing so and I will thank you for doing so.




This week I will be reviewing a magizine for both Christian guys and gals. I really do need some recommendations on what stuff to review so send me all the info you have got.


This magine is just jam packed with what is happening in the Christian world! It gots EVERYthing you look for when you buy a Christian magizine and awhloe lot more. I would have to say that you do have to be a little more mature to read this than to read Breakaway and I would recommend it to anyone who is over 14 or 15 and wants to stay updated with Christian happenings all over the world.


Scripture of the Week


This week I have added in a Bible reading plan for the next two weeks. This is based upon a verse or more a day sheclude which is easyly manegable. This way if your any early reader than you can handle it and if you are a Bible reading master you can just throw it on top of you normal reading.

9 As the heavens are higher than the Earth,

so are my ways higher than your ways

and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

10As the rain and the snow come down from heaven

and do not return to it without watering the Earth

and makeing it bud and florish so that it yeilds seed for the sower and bread for the eater,

11so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty,

but accoomlpish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

Isaish 55: 9-11

Thought of the week:

Interestingly, I have found that everybody who favors abortion has already been born.

Bible reading plan:

4/19 Dt. 30:20

4/20 Ps. 27:1

4/21 John 6:35

4/22 Jer. 10:23

4/23 Mt. 6:25

4/24 Mt. 16:25

4/25 Mk. 8:35

4/26 John 6:48

4/27 Ro. 5:10

4/28 1Co. 15:19

4/29 Eph. 4:1

4/30 1Ti 4:12

5/1 1John 3:16

5/2 Rev. 3:5

As you can see all of the above verses have something to do with life. The reason for this is to support the article below and to help you relieze how presious life really is.




This week I have had time to write up the following short article about abortion and how it is wrong. If you like it or even if you donít send me your opions about it. Also if you feel that you have a good topic that you could write up a short article than please tell me as I can use all the reader perticapation I can get. Enjoy the following article and try to think about what YOU can write about.

Support Life, Not Death by Ranger Grand Moff Wampa

Lately i have heard alot about this subject for some reason and I thought I might share a small portion of what I have heard with you. If you donít know, abortion is the killing of Ďunwantedí babies and I along with all the Christians I know support me in saying that this is a very evil thing devised by Satan himself. I asked a few of my friends why thy thought this was bad and all they did was just kind of give me a blank stare back. In other words they knew it was bade but not why. Below is the number one thing that I have found abortionists use to make their side seem right and than it is listed along with why this is false.

1. That there are such things as Ďunwantedí babies.

1. It says in MANY, MANY places in the Bible that all life is presious to God.

A quick fact: Hitler killed 6 million Jews; we have already killed 35 million unborn bibies.


Prayer Requests


Finnaly we have receaved some prayer requests! All the prayer requests in this section will need prayer so try to add at least one of them to your prayer before you go to bed or at any time during the day. If you have something that needs prayer then write up a short summary of what you need prayer for and send it to me. You can also just ask for a silent prayer request in which you just say that you need prayer but not what it is for, which you can just say that you have an unspoken. You can also request that I donít publish it and that just me, Daniel,Joshua, and all the other Rangers pray for it. Please read all of these and try to pray for them.

In Memory of........ : : Natalie Brooks, student age 12 : : Paige Ann Herring, student age 12 : : Stephanie Johnson, student age 12 : : Brittany R. Varner, student age 11 : : Shannon Wright, Teacher age 32 : : Unborn Child : : :

This is in memory of the children, teacher and the unborn child :killed in the shooting on Tuesday, March 24, 1998 in Jonesbro, :Arkansas. Please send this to everyone you know. If this gets to the :town of Jonesbro, im sure they will be gratefull to know that we all :care. By sending this letter you are also signing a petition to stop kids :from handling guns and putting their selves and others in this situation. :11 and 13 year olds shouldnt have to be behind bars......they should be :playing on them. If you have children and guns please lock the guns up :in a safe. :Please pray for their families.

I would like it if you could lift up in prayer a friend of mine named Patrick because he is dealing with some hard times in his life and needs some help. I've been trying to get him to come to church but his parents won't let him come because of bad experiences in the past. But now me and a fellow friend have taken on the task to get him to church, but he could also use some pray.

Sincerely, Matt Lunn


Auctions and Have/Want list ads


Here I will list auctions that people are having or have/want lists that people can look at. For space reasons I will have to ask that you just write up a short summary of what your auction or have/want list has to offer. It should be no longer than 50 or so words and make sure that you include your e-mail address somewhere in it and if you are selling cards than also send me a copy of the cards you have and the prices you will be charging.

Hey, please email for the AWESOME AUCTION !!Cards included - R2D2, BB Vaders TIE, Rogue 2, a Japanese Death Star Gunner, and much, much more !!!!!!!!




This is a new section that will be devoted towards the card games we play and enjoy. Every week I will earther have a contest or triva about a movie or a card game. This will most likely always be about SWCCG as from my poll 99% of you ether play just it or play it and another card game. Please send me all your answers at and if this goes well you can count on this as a section that will always be here.

Ok here are the winners for guessing the stats for the following cards. Last issue I promised to show you the two best but since than i have decided to show the best one only.

Jabba The Hutt

Power: 3

Ablity: 4

Deploy: 6

Forfit: 4

Text: When at a Jabba's Place Location Power +1. All other Bounty Hunters, Summglers and Theifs are power and ablity +2, All other Gangsters are power +3 Ablity +1 (General Genoside)


Lore: One of the mighest creatures in the galaxy. Worshipped by some cultures. Very powerful. Likes almost anything.

Power: Ability of last charter eaten plus destny.

Deploy: 6

Forfit: 0

Destiny: 1

Jabbaís Sail Barge

Power: 6

Armor: 3

Deploy: 6

Forfit: 5

Text: Deploy only to Tatooine sites but may move elsewear. May carry 2 pilots and 10 passengers. Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Theifs, and Gangsters deploy -1. (General Genoside)

Princess Leia Oragna

Used a bounty hunter costume of Boussh given by Xizor replico-human to sneak in Jabba's palace to free Han but got captured. Now is a "captive" of Jabba. Fears that the rescue plan of Han may fail.


ABILITY: 4 Force-Sensitive

Deploy only as same site than Jabba or at Jabba: Mainroom. Move only with Jabba. May not battle. Once per game, may try to fight Jabba: battle Jabba alone, but opponent add a battle destiny. If you won, Jabba's dead, and you may immediately replace with any other version of Leia, for free, regardless deployment restriction. If you lose, lose 4 Force and must use /Desesperate Hope/ to evade.



"Alain A. Rheaume"

And here is the next contest which is once again a stat guessing contest. Even if you donít have the slighest clue about what the card does send me what youíve got anyway. Also all of the following cards have not been officaly announced but Iíll bet you that they will be released one day.

Mighty Sarlacc (2nd Antholgy)

General Solo (Endor)

General Calrision (Death Star)

Dash Render (Shadows of the Empire)

Lord Vador (Death Star)




I would like to thank you all again for letting me be your editor for this newsletter. This newsletter will get better and longer with each issue and I hope to add MANY more sections including Bible Trivia, ways God has worked in your life, and lots of other stuff so just give me some time and I will pull it off. And make sure that you tell your friends about CTA and try to get them to join.

A brother in Christ,

Ranger Grand Moff Wampa, Official Editor of the CTA Newsletter