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CTA Newsletter #3

CTA Newsletter #3

Greetings again from Ranger Grand Moff Wampa and welcome to the third issue of the CTA Newsletter! Since the last issue a lot has happened including the starting of the CTA Web page. I would recommend going there at and seeing what is happening and giving all your advice to the people running it. Also I have received a lot of response from the first issue and I was touched by some of the things that were said about the newsletter, me, Daniel and Joshua, and about CTA in general. Thanks again and have good Easter and enjoy this Easter Special of the CTA Newsletter!


Letters From Our Readers


I didn’t receive any real letters from our readers this week that would be beneficial to the other readers and that is understandable as it was the first issue you were asked to send me anything, but I encourage you to send me EVERYthing and ANYthing you have read, heard, or think would make a good article. Also last issue I asked you to fill out a poll I had made and alot of you did and I am thankful for that but what you didn’t do was mail it to me. Most of you just hit reply and sent it to Daniel so next time just for my sake and his make sure you send it to me at For this issue have receaved the following letter and I felt that it really needed to shown to as many people as possible and that is why it is shown below. I ask that you please pray for this person that he will repent from his evil ways and come to know the Lord.


Unfortunately I have to inform you that a member of SWTA has turned out to be a bad trader.His e-mail address is Major

Kerry L. Bradford Jr.

C.P.O. 0035

P.O.Box 700

New Brunswick, N.J. 08903

After several people accused Bren of being a ripper, I had VA Opey One (leader of SWTA's special Force team) investigate the matter , and it turned out the accusation against Bren were true .

Most ripper work with phony references, but not Bren. He has a list of more than 35 people he actually traded with (including myself). Using those refs he set up several (probably more than 10) trades about 4 weeks ago. I have not been able to get in touch with all off those people, but I know of at least 4 who did not receive their cards.

Since Bren is a member of many trading groups he is probably also using his high rank to convince people that he is trustworthy. - I'll send a copy of this letter to Admiral Kessel Prison Guard of TNR, Admiral Jedi of STARS and Admiral Wolfman of GAB, as well as to all people on Bren's reference list I know of. If you have friends who trade online, you should warn them as well. Even though this will not help the people he has ripped off, hopefully it will prevent him from doing any more damage.

Admiral Lujayne Forge


Testimonies Of Our Readers


This week I receaved no testimonies but that is understandable. A few people shared their opions about this section and they said that it was great to hear testimonies, but they were relucent to submit their own testimonies as they felt it was kind of personel. In the future this section will not be in here unless I start receaveing some testimonies as I can’t keep makeing up responses as to why there is no testimonies, but I guarentee you that God will bless you if you do send one in.




This week I will be reviewing another book in the same series as the one last week and a Christian magaizine for guys. I really do need some recommendations on what stuff to review so send me all the info you have got.

Nicolae: Rise of the Anti-Christ.

In this final novel of the Left Behind series the four main charters contiue to presue God and try to fight against the Anti-Christ, Nicolae, that has now risen to the most powerful postion on the face of the Earth and survive through the Earthquake that shakes the entire world. They get a new allie in this story and they lose a few good friends, but they manage to stay strong in the faith even through the darkest days the Earth has ever known. It has a kind of sad ending but after reading the whole series I can’t imagine not haveing read them.

Breakaway: A magizine for today’s Christian guys.

This magiazine is VERY cool and I would highly recommend it to all guys between the ages of 12 and 22 although I am not sure how useful it is when you get past 20. It contains a Bible reading plan for the coming month and lots of other GREAT articles about things happening in the world and things to encourage you in your walk with God. I believe that there is also a version of it that is designed for girls that is wrtien by the same people. Please look into this great magizine and you’ll see that it is really a great thing.


Scripture of the Week


This week I, as it is Easter, I will give a scripture about Easter that was given to me by one of my readers. Also next issue I hope to add a weekly Bible reading plan and a devo. summery of what the scriptures for that week mean and a Bible triva. I have also included a throught for the week after the verse.

39One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: “Aren’t you the Christ? Save yourself and us!”

40But the other criminal rebuked him. “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence? 41We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.”

42Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

43Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.” Luke 23: 39-43

Is what you are living for worth Christ’s dieing for?




This week as I have been very busy I have not had time to write up an article, but one of the readers and Daniel have each writen up one. I will try to do better in the future. Also I have spent alot of time praying for this and have decided to limit people to wrtieing only one article every four issues. I have done this to prevent one person from takeing controll and writeing an article every week and not giving the other readers a chance. Another matter I have delt with is the fact that alot of you have offered to become things like Senior Editor and I am glad for your eagerness to help but for the time being I don’t feel that I need any help with the Newsletter as long as all you great readers keep sending me everything you hear or see or read. Please keep sending all the articles you can that you have eather read or have writen that you feel would benefit other Christians and enjoy the two articles below.

The Meaning of Easter by Stormtrooper316

When someone mentions Easter, what comes to most people's minds is a little bunny rabbit who hops around giving out little Easter baskets. That is not the reason for Easter. Easter is not about bunny rabbits and Easter eggs, but about the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Easter celebrates the return to life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Because of Christ's Resurrection, Christians can now spend eternity in Heaven with Him when they die. Christ overcame the bondage of death. Christ died on the cross. Roman soldiers do not make the mistake of telling whether someone is dead or not. The soldiers pierced His side with a spear and out flowed blood and water. If he was dead, there would be no water. His body wasn't stolen either. There was a huge stone, that weighed several tons, blocking the entrance to the tomb. There was also a ring of Roman soldiers protecting it. If the disciples stole His body, then why would they die tortured deaths for something they knew not to be true. and if they were able to move that big stone then the guards would have stopped them. The guards didn't stop them, because they didn't take the body. If the chief priests stole the body, then they would have showed it to prove that Christ had not risen. The priests couldn't do that, because they didn't have the body, because Christ had risen. He is alive today. None of us deserve salvation because we are all sinners. Christ, a sinless man, died on the cross for our us. To take away our sins so that all who believe on Him can go to Heaven. Many of you probably noticed that Easter does not occur on the same date each year. I also wondered why that was. The reason for this is because Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday, after the full moon, following the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I'd appreciate any feedback, questions or comments you, the readers, may have on this article. Or let me know any suggestions of something you might want me to write on in a future issue of the CTA newsletter.

Jedi Master Stormtrooper316

Christian vs. Secular Music and its Implications for a Christian by Antilles

One of the biggest issues in my life recently has been listening to secular music and how it could affect my walk with God. I hope I don't end up prattling on about this for too long, but here it goes. Basically, I've been listening to secular music for over six months now. Of course, I still listen to Christian music as well, but a lot of people seem to think that there's something wrong with secular music in and of itself. Obviously, the message is going to be different than that of Christian music, but is that wrong? The biggest problem most people seem to have with secular music are swearing and other lewd messages. Let me say right now: Swearing is probably the most overrated sin in Christianity (in my opinion). It is not that big of a deal, no more so than cheating, lying, and all the other things we still struggle with , but tolerate and do nothing about. But swearing, boy, if you hear a dirty word from a Christian, it's "Oh, my, he's a sinner." Anyway, when you hear these messages in music that God probably doesn't agree with, it will obviously affect you somehow (and don't fool yourself into thinking it won't). Therefore, we have to draw a line for ourselves somewhere. It will be different for everyone, but here's my strategy: - I always borrow secular CD's from friends before you buy them, to preview them. - I buy one Christian CD for every secular CD I buy. When you borrow a CD, don't sit there counting profanities, or choose a number that you won't go above. God will convict you of what he does and doesn't want you to listen to. You will know what God thinks is all right for you. I have borrowed a couple CD's that I didn't even listen all the way through, as God convicted me. Like I said, it'll be different for everyone. I hope this helped anyone who's struggling with this or is unsure of what to do about secular music. I listen to secular music along with Chritian music, and am comfortable with it, and I feel that God is as well. I really want to know what everyone thinks about this. My E-mail is, please send me comments (Put "Music" or something like that in the subject so I know what you're talking about). Thanks for reading this!!!


Prayer Requests


If you have something that needs prayer then write up a short summary of what you need prayer for and send it to me. You can also just ask for a silent prayer request in which you just say that you need prayer but not what it is for, which you can just say that you have an unspoken. You can also request that I don’t publish it and that just me, Daniel, and Joshua pray for it. All the prayer requests in this section will need prayer so try to add at least one of them to your prayer before you go to bed or at any time during the day.


Auctions and Have/Want list ads


Here I will list auctions that people are having or have/want lists that people can look at. For space reasons I will have to ask that you just write up a short summary of what your auction or have/want list has to offer. It should be no longer than 50 or so words and make sure that you include your e-mail address somewhere in it and if you are selling cards than also send me a copy of the cards you have and the prices you will be charging.

I'm having a multi-hundred card auction with mains on down from all sets, and I've got over 100 people in it, too. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, please email and let me know. It's ending on the 11th, but I think I can arrange some extra bids at the end. Thanks,

Hey, please email for the AWESOME AUCTION !!Cards included - R2D2, BB Vaders TIE, Rogue 2, a Japanese Death Star Gunner, and much, much more !!!!!!!!




This is a new section that will be devoted towards the card games we play and enjoy. Every week I will earther have a contest or triva about a movie or a card game. This will most likely always be about SWCCG as from my poll 99% of you ether play just it or play it and another card game. Please send me all your answers at and if this goes well you can count on this as a section that will always be here.

For this week we will have a contest on guessing what the stats, power, abilty, text, and destiny of the following cards. Next week I will publish the most likely and the most oraginal for each card. You won’t win anything but you will have your name published in the next issue. Feel free to send in as many enteres as you won’t and make sure you at least send one. Ok here are the cards:

Jabba The Hutt


Jabba’s Sail Barge

Princess Leia Oragna




I would like to thank you all again for letting me be your editor for this newsletter. This newsletter will get better and longer with each issue and I hope to add MANY more sections including Bible Trivia, ways God has worked in your life, and lots of other stuff so just give me some time and I will pull it off. And make sure that you tell your friends about CTA and try to get them to join. Have a great Easter and send me all your stories of what you did for this Easter and I will talk to you all next week!

A brother in Christ,

Ranger Grand Moff Wampa, Official Editor of the CTA Newsletter