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"Even in the darkest dark, there will always be a light for you."
~ Only Me ~

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Do You Believe Your Heart
~ Only Me ~

Have you felt the touch deep within
Do you know that it's so close, you can reach in
Can you feel your spirit, its closeness to your soul
It's there you know, if you believe your heart, you will know

The splendid complex emotion of that enormous feeling
That's so overwhelming, it's overpowering, it's just being
When you believe in your heart, it will give you hope
That no matter what your path, you will always be able to cope

Take your time, breathe in what you must
Believe in all that you can trust
Because that's all it takes to let you in your door
It's your lifting and loving elevator ride to the next floor

What more could you ask for, what more would you need
You can create this all for yourself, by letting your self go and do your deed
All that's good and loving which will bring you to the place
That everlasting part of what's between you and that special space

When you let your special place begin to fill its cup
You can feel that you will never, ever let yourself ever give up
Because you want, your only goal is to believe your heart
You know when you do, your life will change and goodness will forever start

It's not as if you have not seen the good in its splendorous light
But when your spirit begins to stir, and your heart wants to begin its flight
It's time to believe in your heart
It's time to let your spirit, soul and heart have its start

For that glorious journey we all seek to find in our lives
And how this occurs, we wonder from where it derives
But we all know where we must go to create what we desire
It's in our hearts, it's where we find the fire

So believe in your heart
Believe what you must start
For only you have the power to do this part
And when you do, you'll know why you believe your heart

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