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to Tiki's Kitty Corner!

Hi, I'm Tiki & this is my website all about me & my family. I'm a seven year-old part-tortie feline & I'm very good at getting my own way, which is proven by the way I got Mummy to do up this website for me!
There's heaps to do here, like read about me or my little sister Mishka, and you can even ask us for some advice on your personal kitty life!

Mummy even found a way for us to have our own e-mail thingy, that you can check into from this website, which is really COOL! She's always finding cool things for me to use here & I even have my very own newsletter now... Mummy has a cross-stitch newsletter too, which Mishka has more to do with than me (she helps Mummy with the strings).
Anyway, I'll be adding more stuff as I get time, so subscribe to my newsletter for news on updates, ok? Enjoy your visit & I hope to see you again real soon!

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About Our CatsThe Cat Pages ~ 'Profile' pages on me & Mishka & a stray Mummy & Daddy tried to adopt.
Other Cat StuffCat Stuff ~ Stuff like an advice column (written by me & Mishka & Mummy), my favourite pussycat stories, and some other stuff.
About Mummy & DaddyMy Family ~ Just the basics; I let Mummy go a bit wild here about her & Daddy, but she deserves it after all her hard work (as long as she keeps her hands off the rest of my website!).

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