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heather menzies

find out about Kurt ( Duane Chase)

Duane Chase

welcome to heather menzies ( Louisa trapp) page. Heather was a ballet student who had appeared on a local amateur Tv show. Heather had no acting experience when she auditioned for the role of Louisa , but somehow she managed to get cat right away. after "The Sound of music" she starred in the " Logan's Run" television series as well as other movies . she then gave up acting to become a full time mother of her two children with her husband actor , Robert Urich . If you want to find out more about heather menzies e-mail the questions to the e-mail below! Heather continued to act after "The Sound of Music" in such movies as "Hawaii," "Piranha," "SSSSSSSS," and "How Sweet it Is." She played 'Jessica' in the television version of "Logan's Run" and guest starred in many television shows. Heather starred on Broadway with Shirley Knight in "We Always Lived in a Castle" and with her husband Robert Urich in "Hasty Heart" at the Kennedy Center. Heather has been married since 1975 and they have two grown children Ryan and Emily, and a new baby girl Allison, born in May 1998. Heather is still a part time actress but has told interviewers she considers her children her 'primary occupation.' They make their home today in Los Angeles, California.