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Charmian Carr

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Nicholas Hammond

hey everyone , Charmian Carr played Liesl von Trapp in " THe Sound of music" . Charmian Carr never thought about acting. THe only acting role she ever had was a high school girl in a school play. She used to model until her friend send a picture of Charmian to the casting director of "the sound of music". Charmian Carr only modeled because she was saving up a trip to Europe. The Director discovered Charmian Farnon ( The director changed her last name because her real name was always miss prounounced) could dance and sing when he called her in for an interview . A screen test actually. Charmian now owns her own design business in Ecino California with a client that includes Michael Jackson who hired her in part because of his love for Liesl. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT CHARMIAN CARR E-MAIL IT TO THE E-MAIL ADDY BELOW! Charmian is internationally recognized as Liesl and often does personal appearances, radio and television as a result of the phenomenal success of this film. In 1995, she hosted "The Sound of Music" segment for the A&E channel's special on Rogers and Hammerstein's "The Sound of Movies." Television audiences remember Charmian when she starred with Anthony Perkins in the John Houseman/Stephen Sondheim production of "Evening Primrose." Then Charmian found herself involved in two careers. She spent many years acting in national commercials while at the same time developing a highly successful Interior Design business. Her clients include Michael Jackson. Charmian was the contractor/designer on his Encino, California "Disneyland" home. She toured with Michael, who introduced her to scores of renowned people. Charmy designed five homes for her Von Trapp sister 'Louisa,' Heather Menzies and husband Robert Urich. She is currently decorating for Ernest Lehman, the screenwriter of "The Sound of Music." Charmian's interests include skiing, aerobics, dance, biking, and she is often called upon to perform "Sixteen Going on Seventeen." She spends as much time as possible visiting her two daughters, Jennifer and Emily and swimming with her three yellow Labrador Retrievers. One of her passions is gardening, and her results are spectacular.