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Nicholas Hammond

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hey this is Nicholas Hammond's site. he was one of the three children among the seven in " The Sound of music" with previous experience , Hammond had appeared on T.V and broadway and in the movie " Lord of the flies". Nicholas audtioned for the role a few days after being in a skiing accident and in he walked with his two front teeth missing and his arm in a sling. He didn't think he had a chance because he couldn't sing but despite all these handicaps he landed the role. Hammond now lives in Australia where he still makes his living as a stage actor. Nicholas was born May 15, 1950 in Washington DC. He has appeared in many movies and television roles including "Spiderman," "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" with Michael Caine,"Mission Impossible" with Peter Graves and "Flipper," and currently a CBS pilot with Stacy Keach. He's lived in Paris, New York and Los Angeles and graduated from Princeton University. He went to Australia for a two week vacation ten years ago and has made Sydney his home since then. Nicholas has turned his career to writing and producing and has a miniseries titled "A Difficult Woman" airing now in Australia. It will air on BBC in Britain and in the United States on A&E in the near future. He also has a feature he has penned and produced titled "Peril" that is in pre-production. He continues to work in film, theatre and television down under and still doesn't have children but hopes to someday.