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Venus Cresent Beam!

Hi everyone.. this is Mina here! Leita and Serena asked me to type up a section of info about me.. so here I am!!! As you all know.. i'm Sailor V.. better known as Mina. ~_^ I'm the last of the five scouts to be discovered. I love gymnastics and my birthday is October 22. You may have heard of me before because I was on a video game.. and also starred in a movie.
When I was in England, i found out I was Sailor V. The only other person who knew this, was my best friend Katrina. Both me and Katrina were in love with the same boy Alan, who was interested in Katrina. However, because Katrina was a good friend, she did not go out with him, as long as I liked him. One day a building collapsed with ME trapped inside. All Katrina found of me was the ribbon I had once worn in my hair. Now Sailor V was gone forever.But no one new Sailor V escaped. I moved to Tokyo, where she became the fifth Sailor scout, Sailor Venus. The rest of the senshi thought I might be the moon princess because of the crescent moon I bore on my forehead. I have a gardian , a white cat named Artemis. I have my own guardian because I was the leader of the Sailor Scouts in the silver millenium, when there was no Sailor Moon, only the moon princess. Well.. i guess that's it for now.. gotta go! Luv ya!

Come,Sit, Look at my picture wallet!!