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Ami's Little Library

Greetings, this is Ami present! I want to inform you about myself. My japanese name is Ami Mizuno, I am 14 years old and I'm the youngest of the Sailor Scouts, not too mention the smartest. I don't mean to be a genius, but I guess I get it from my mom. She's a pediatrician, and thats what I want to become when I grow up. I almost left to study in Germany, but I realized that I couldn't leave my best friends behind when they needed me the most. Leaving my friends is a choice that I just can't take.As you all know, i like to read, and play chess.My favorite food I have to say is sandwitches and esspecially the ones made from Leita. I like to work on math and other subjects in my spare time at home and sometimes in the library.As for me, i think my highest point is calculating but as i said my dream is to be a peditrician.I have trouble writting love letters,it's not that i can't write, it's just that i have nothing to write! Maybe i should ask Leita to help me on that, I'll ask her if she could bring a snack too!Well, I guess I've talked enough for now so,hope that you enjoy the rest of our web page. Catcha later!

Ami the Brain! (just kidding!)

Salutations! Before I become too busy studying for my vocab, english lit, calculus, art history, and AP bio tests, I want to inform you all that my brand new collage is being made. Feel free to glance at my picutres.. just be sure not to ruin them ok?! Thank you. Enjoy, and please keep the volume down.. i'm studying!! ^_^

Ami's Little Museum

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