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Rei's Temple of Luck

Hey everyone, this is Rei and welcome to my temple. Go ahead and take some free lucky charms.. just don't touch that cake Lita baked. Especially if you're SERENA!!! Well, as you all know I live with my Grandpa and Chad, the temple aprentice. He's a cool guy ::sigh:: but I've always had this thing for Darien. Don't tell Serena though, or else she'll start her whinning. (again) I know you must all think Serena and I are # 1 enemies, but really, we're not. It's just that sometimes she gets on my last NERVE. You know how it is.Well, I better stop my blabbing and let you explore my temple. Have fun!!

  • Name: Hino Rei
  • Birthday: April 17
  • Astrological sign: Aries
  • Blood type: AB
  • Favorite color: red and black
  • Hobby: fortunetelling (also reading, in the SFC RPG)
  • Favorite food: fugu (Japanese blowfish)
  • Least favorite food: canned asparagus
  • Favorite subject: ancient writing
  • Worst subject: modern society
  • Has trouble with: television
  • Strong point: meditation
  • Dream: to be a head priestess
  • Favorite gemstone: ruby
    Rei's Photo Scrapbook
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