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Lita's Cooking Corner

Hey there!! It's Leita again.. comming atcha!! Welcome to my Kitchen Corner!! Today i'll be teaching you how to bake cakes.. pies.. cookies.. and other treats.. yummy.. hehe just kidding!! Well.. i transfered to Crossroads High School after fighting these twirps at my old school.. dumb bullies!! Anyways, thats when I met Serena.. one of my best buddies!! She was the only one who would talk to me at school.. since everyone was afraid. Can you believe they thought I was a bully?? YEA RIGHT!! Dumb Melvin! C'mon.. i wouldn't hurt a fly!! j/k After awhile things got better though.. ever since I became a Sailor Scout. I never thought I would actually be Sailor Jupiter! Being part of a team is great.. you always have your friends to rely on. Oh well.. just call it destiny!! My favorite hobbies are cooking (of course) and reading romance novels. Meatloaf and cherry pie are my fave foods!! I also love to ice skate! Serena, Ami, Rei, and Mina always make fun at me about my ex-boyfriends though.. they think i'm crazy!! But i'm not.. just your typical high schooler! Well.. i guess thats it for now.. don't wanna bore you with more chit chat! I know how it feels to listen to people talk on and on and on.. ok i'll shutup now! Talk to you people later..! Bye bye!!

Lita Kino

Soo.. how do you like my kitchen so far??! Isn't nice and clean??! hehehe Well... since my pie is baking, I have a few minutes on my hands to just sit down and chit chat awhile. As you all know, i've had MANY boyfriends in the past.. hmm.. i can't even remember them all! But there's one guy I definetly won't forget.. that's my best buddy Ken. I've known him practically my whole life!! But now.. i feel as if we're more than just friends.. but i can't really explain it. O well, my pie's done! Why don't you look at my photo album while it's cooling of??! Don't worry, i'll save you a slice!!! ^_^

Lita's Photo Album

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