Hello Sailor Moon fans!! This is your host Serena.... as most of your know, Sailor Moon is about normal teenage girls becoming sailor scouts and fighting against evil. After a couple of years, Sailor Moon's popularity soon died down. But for all you Sailor Moon fans, who remained loyal and continued to keep Sailor Moon alive we want to thank you. And so this page is dedicated for all Sailor Moon fans (that means you!). I'll try to enhance this page a lot, but you know with school and all. Just be patient.....besides... this is our very first web page. So, please pardon all the errors. Thank you for your support!! And don't forget to sign our Guestbook. Now, enjoy the rest of the page.
Hiyee again!! Well, heres some quick info about me.. the one and only Sailor Moon!^_^ If you want to see some cute pix of me and and other scouts, just visit the photo gallery below!! There's not much there right now.. but just wait, give me a couple days (hopefully!) and this site will be loaded with pictures! Hey, it isn't easy being a schoolgirl you know... all that homework, saving the universe, AND Darien trying to kill you!!

While we get Serena off rini's head, please look at the Album!!

Serena's Music Box

A Thousand Years Ago

Carry On

I Wanna Be A Star

The Moon. Cold. Dark. Distant. Lifless. But once, a long time ago, Queen Serenity ruled over a kingdom there, with the help of the mighty Silver moon Crystal. During the wedding of her daughter, Princess Serena, to Prince Darien, a lunar eclipse allowed the evil Queen Beryl to destroy the Moon. Luckily, the Princess, her friends, and her family were saved because Queen Serenity transported them to Earth. Luna tells Sailor moon that she must find the Princess, unaware that Sailor Moon IS that Princes. Serena, the cluumsy high school girl, is destined to be the Queen of the Universe!

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