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The Four Sisters

The four sisters were once all terrible horrors to the town, and world. But with the love and friendship of the sailor scouts, they were able to change.


Prizma (Petz) is the oldest of the Four Sisters, and also the most stubborn. Her Dark Lightning attack is parallel to Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thundercrash Zap (Sparkling Wide Pressure). She is secretly in love with Sapphire, but this is not revealed until he travels to the past to warn Prince Diamond about Wiseman's plans. Prizma hates working in the past and often whines about its primitiveness. She enjoys shopping for new clothes and eating strawberry shortcake. Prizma is obsessed with proving that she is more competent than Avery. She frequently bickers and competes with Avery, and enjoys giving her orders. Prizma eventually turns against Avery in combat and acts only for herself. However, once Rubeus abandons her, she is willing to sacrifice herself to save her sisters, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. Prizma is given Wiseman's Negamoon Strobe by Rubeus to capture Catzi and Bertie, but only for a limited time. The strobe dramatically increases Prizma's abilities, allowing her to destroy a large portion of a bridge in a single blast. Prizma is bitter and has a bad temper. She thinks she is the prettiest of all of the sisters and is overconfident. Like Avery, when things are not going her way, she runs from a fight. Sailor Moon purifies her soul at the same time that she purifies Avery's.

Bertie (Beruche) is the second youngest of the Four Sisters. Her Dark Water attack parallels Sailor Mercury's Shine Aqua Illusion. Bertie's mission is to turn one of the Crystal Points into a vortex of dark energy. She is the quietest and most intelligent of her sisters. She is also the least vain, but is still concerned about her looks. Bertie is also in touch with her feelings and can acknowledge the strengths of humans. She does not understand the concept of friendship, but decides she would like to have some. After Prizma and Avery refuse to help her when she is facing the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask, she says she doesn't believe in trust or love. Bertie is cocky, whiny, overconfident, and a poor competitor who does not deal with pain very well. She will play to win or will not even bother to join the game. She seems to fear Rubeus, but has a close relationship with Catzi. After Catzi was transformed into a human, Bertie claims to miss her and all of her lipsticks. She likes wearing charm bracelets, playing chess, and having manicures and pedicures. She wears a braid across her forehead to hide her black crescent moon, and sometimes dresses like a Southern belle while on Earth. Like Catzi, Bertie wants to be the Queen of Tokyo, but there is no mention of Rubeus in this fantasy. Bertie does not like to be left behind by her sisters. With Catzi's encourgement, Bertie allows Sailor Moon to cleanse the dark energy from her soul, which transforms her into a normal human.

Avery (Calaveras) is the second oldest of the Four Sisters. Her Dark Whip attack parallels Sailor Venus' Venus Love Chain Encircle (Venus Love Me Chain). Like her other sisters, Avery is conceited and vain. She prizes her wardrobe, her lipsticks, her perfume, and her shopping ability. She only likes top quality jewels and initially refuses to partake in a mission because it would involve selling cheap jewelry. Avery is arrogant, impatient, persuasive, and deceptive. She often jeers, taunts and competes with Prizma, but interestingly, these 2 often work together. Nevertheless, Avery is surprised when Prizma turns on her and tries to kill her with the Negamoon Strobe. Sailor Moon purifies her soul at the same time that she purifies Prizma's.

Catzi (Cooan) is the youngest of the Four Sisters. Her Dark Fire attack parallels Sailor Mars' Mars Celestial Fire Surround (Burning Mandala). She wears a tutu and a striped leotard and has a hairstlye which resembles cat ears. Catzi likes to shop and is extremely vain and concerned with fashion and appearance. She is especially obsessed with the appearance of her face and does not understand the importance and enduring qualities of inner beauty. She wears a great deal of perfume and has 40 different shades of lipstick. Catzi is more infatuated with Rubeus than any of her sisters are. She competes with her sisters to prove her abilities to Rubeus in order to gain his affections, and prefers to work alone. She buys little gifts for him to win his love and respect, but he only uses and abuses her affection for him. Catzi doesn't see this abuse and revels in any of his compliments. She dreams about being married to Rubeus and ruling the whole universe with him as the Queen of Tokyo. She believes Rubeus will love her if she wears enough makeup and is able to make her face look "just right." Catzi angers easily and is not forgiving. She lashes out against others in her pain which makes her a more powerful enemy. She can be extremely manipulative and pours on her charm with Grandpa Hino to trick him into fighting her droid. Mars sees the good within Catzi and protects her from one of Jupiter's attacks. She believes Catzi's heart is pure but that she has just been following the wrong path. Catzi is the first sister to be cleansed of all negative energy by Sailor Moon's Moon Crystal Healing Activation (Moon Healing Escalation). After Catzi is transformed into a normal human, she becomes a cosmetics saleslady for the Regal Cosmetics Company.
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