Littleton Colorado, Columbine High School Shootings

This page was created in tribute and memory to Columbine High School, Littleton, Colorado — for the students, teachers, families, relatives, friends, and residents. May you heal quickly and know no more sorrow in your lives!

"If we remember them all, then they can never leave us. Never let them go. They are waiting for us in that realm of pure blue, that mysterious place where the earth meets the sky."

Senior Jennifer Wallick, Columbine High School Graduation Ceremony, 1999

Your tragedy is our tragedy!

Your pain is our pain!

Your loss is our loss!

Your tears are our tears!

May God bless you... and God bless us all!

From A Friend I didn't know today would be your last

We just smiled in the hall as we past

It was just like every other day

I never knew it would end this way

Friends till the end is what we will be

I will prove it to you just wait and see

You are in my heart,

my soul

and with me when I pray

I will let people know what you would want to say

I will tell people about you

I will let them know of the things you do

I won't cry cause you are gone

I will blare our favorite song

I will live my life to the fullest

and live part for you cause

I know that is what you want me to do

Look over me from above

And shower me with all your love

When you're in Heaven watch for me

Wait at the golden gates till it's me

You see I had no clue that this is how it would end

But forever and always you will be my best friend.

A Student From Columbine High School

No More Tears From Heaven

When again will it be safe

for our children to walk the halls

Not to watch our children die

and see their blood upon the walls

To make the world a safer place

for everyone to live

To teach our children everywhere

not to take away, but to give

Give us life and freedom

the happiness and joy

Not to cause pain and sorrow

to any girl or boy

Pray for every man and woman

each person you pass on the way

And for every child there is

pray each and every day

Teach our children how to be

more open, free and honest

Make our world a safer place

for every person on it

Children with seeds of anger

who have no one on which to depend

We all must reach out to our children

for the violence to end

Hold your children close to you

show all the love you have in your heart

Don't let them push you away

or anger tear you apart

Find common ground

between you and your child

To show love and caring

not the anger, the wild

When all the violence stops

and all our prayers have risen

Only then can our world be safe

and have no more tears from Heaven


A PARENTS PRAYER “Our heavenly father I stand before you with hands open and a heart which is filled with love so strong that it now crys with pain. For the love which was given to our children has been pulled from our heart. And all that remains is sadness and sorrow within a heart which is broken. The pieces which I bring before you I lay at your feet for only you can mend with love that which is broken. As I see the face which I gently touched with love I know that my world will never again be the same. For this child was more than part of my world for He/She was my world. The greatest and best part of my life which has now been taken away. A gift from above, a jewel, a star to light my world, someone so special that I would gladly lay down my life in exchange for theirs. And when I remember them I will shed a tear and remember much and feel their love once more. For I know that where you are she/He is and my heart both cry's and rejoices. For I know that you have prepared a place for them where they can live forever, So when I gaze up into the heavens and see their beauty then I will know how special each one of your stars are For they were the light which warmed someone world with love. And now they look down on this world and shed there light for the whole world to see. I would ask only that the love which She/He has instilled within me that I might have the ability to not only show others that love but also the same qualities with which She/He inbodyed.

Arland l. Hearn (Chip)

Just the middle of another day

Sitting, relaxing, and talking with friends

When out of the blue

Two gunmen appear,

Firing bullets, tossing bombs into the air

With a chilling delight

First at random, then in methodical madness

Students run and scream in fear

While teachers try to take control

Chaos and terror strike Columbine

And parents and families fear the worst

Not knowing how,

And not knowing why

Only knowing now that tragedy has begun

But when the smoke finally clears

And police have gone inside,

13 victims lie on the floor

Bravery, faith, compassion, athletic abilities, and race

All rewarded with premature death

All lying in cold blood for no reason at all

Lives and dreams stripped away

"To early to die", most will say

But none shall die in vain

In the hearts of the nation,

All will remain

And those two gunmen,

Merely students themselves,

Seeking revenge on their classmates

Found no way out

Turning their guns upon themselves,

They take all answers and reasons with them

And now there are 15 victims on that cold floor

Yes, tragedy has struck Columbine High School

Innocent lives and dreams shattered and lost,

But the memories will remain alive


Richard J. Landsmann

The following are the names of the thirteen deceased victims of the shooting, although their lives were cut short, their memory will live on forever.
William "Dave" Sanders

Cassie Bernall

Steven Curnow

Corey DePooter

Kelly Fleming

Matthew Kechter

Daniel Mauser

Daniel Rohrbough

Rachel Scott

Isaiah Shoels

John Robert Tomlin

Lauren Townsend

Kyle Velasquez

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