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Name Utena Tenjou
Age 14
Status 8th Grader, current dueling  champion

Utena wanted to be a  "prince" ever since she met her "Prince" after her parents died. By prince, she means that she prefers to be the prince rescueing the princess instead of the princess waiting to be rescued. The "Prince" she met in her childhood is Akio, although it was Touga who got her to come out of her coffin.

Now 14, Utena got to Ohotori Academy (which, from an aerial view, looks like a traditional japanese burial mound). All the girls in her grade admire her. Her best friend Wakaba constantly teases that Utena is her girlfriend. Of course, it's all for laughs, nothing more. After seeing a love letter that Wakaba wrote to Saiyonji posted onto the message board, Utena goes to Saiyonji for some aanswers. When she finds out that Saiyonji himself posted the letter, Utena defends Wakaba by challenging Saiyonji to a duel. This starts her on the path of the duelist.

After being engaged to the Rose bride for some time, Utena wants Anthy to become a normal girl. Anthy agrees to try to be "normal". Whether this is Anthy's submissiveness talking or if she truely wants to become normal, we'll never know. Touga plays on Utena's emotions to make her think that he is her Prince (in a way, it is true...). Using that, he challenges her to a duel, and wins. Utena, shocked to say the least, later tries to live life "normally", but Wakaba talks her out of it, and Utena decides to fight Touga again.

Later, she is dragged into Akio's evil plans and soon becomes his lover. However, when faced with the final duel called "Revolution", she puts aside that fact in order to free the Rose Bride. After Akio's attempts to bring Revolution fails, Utena manages to break the wall that holds the Revolution, revealing a coffin, with the true Anthy inside. After failing to get Anthy out of the coffin, Utena dies as the dueling arena crumbles around her. Then, she is erased from everyone's memories, save Anthy and Akio.

Name Anthy Himemiya
Age 14
Status 8th Grader,

Rose Bride

Not much is know about this strange girl. She appears to be Hindu (notice the dot on her forehead) and yet she has a French name. She is cool, soft spoken, polite.....Everything a good house wife is. But, as a student, she tends to get distracted while studying.

Taking on the role as the Rose Bride, Anthy becomes completely submissive. She will obey her master's wishes, even wait for her master for hours if commanded to do so. Utena is the only person who treats the Rose Bride as a human.

Anthy's only "friend" is a little, bottomless-pit, monkey called Chu Chu. They're often found either playing cards, or eating crackers.

Anthy has the strange power to call upon the Sword of Dios. Along with that power, she can "inhabit" the Sword of Dios, giving it's owner tremendous power. However, Anthy has the ability to withdraw her powers if she is moved by the actions of the other duelist.

Anthy is possibly the sister of Akio. And if that is true, then what they do at night is get the idea, right?

Because Anthy is the Rose Bride, she is also known as the Witch who sent the Prince into a downward path. At the end of the series, there are two Anthy's; the Witch who is pierced by a million swords of hate, and the real Anthy who is trapped in a coffin. After Utena is erased from everyone's mind, Anthy rejects to being the Rose Bride, sets down her glasses on Akio's desk (Chu Chu does the same thing with his earring) and vows to find Utena somewhere.

Name Touga Kiryu
Age 16
Status 10th grader, Student President

Suave, debonare, manipulative...Just a couple of words that discribe Touga Kiryu. Touga, along with being the Student Council President, is also a kendo practitioner, although he has no intentions to join the kendo club. Out of all the duelists, Touga seems to have the biggest understanding of the "End of the World" (I know a REALLY funny fanfic that proves this ^_^).

He has an "anything goes" look on life, constantly helping Akio manipulate the other duelists. He even betrays his childhood friend Saiyonji by burning his exchange diary.

Aside from his dueling life, Touga's libido is working at full force. He goes through girls like a box of tissues and even has an...."intimate" moment with Miki's sister.

Despite his playboy reputation, Touga really does care about Utena. There is even an episode where Touga and Akio get into a contest to see who can give Utena the better present. Although Touga has been very cooperative with Akio's manipulations, he eventually finds out Akio's evil plans and tries to save Utena by trying to defeat her in a duel.

Back to the past. When Touga and Saiyonji were young, they were riding together when they saw a church. Touga heard a soft crying coming from inside the church, and sets out to investigate. Upon walking inside (despite Saiyonji's desperate protests), the see three coffins. Two of the coffins had dead bodies. However, the crying seemed to come from the third coffin. When Touga opened the coffin, a young Utena layed in the flower covered inside. After Saiyonji goes outside (very freaked out) Touga managed to get Utena to come out of her coffin. At that time, Akio comes in and Touga's job is done.

At the end of the final episode, a picture of Touga and Saiyonji riding together on a bike is shown after Utena fades away. You might ask why is that so important, right? Well, Touga and Saiyonji's friendship was always on the edge ever since the coffin incident. By riding together, it shows that Utena's influences have let Touga and Saiyonji's friendship grow stronger.

Name Kyouichi Saiyonji
Age 16
Status Former student, former captain of the kendo club

Saiyonji is a man with occasional insanity. In the beginning of the series, Saiyonji is the Student Council Vice-President, captain of the kendo club, and the champion duelist. After being beaten by Utena twice, Saiyonji goes into a recluse. He shows up a couple times more (in his kendo gear, no less!) before he gets expelled.

Saiyonji is in love with Anthy (although what he sees in her-minus the good housewife stuff and the great bod- I don't know). He keeps an exchange diary with Anthy, where he writes about his love for her. Of course, Anthy only writes back because Utena didn't say she can't.

Later on, Saiyonji kidnaps Anthy, but is found by Utena on the ground in front of the doorway. The real kidnapper out of sight, Utena saves Anthy before Saiyonji could, which makes him go mad. He prepares to kill Utena with his sword, but Touga jumps in and takes the blow. Because he gave a duelist a serious injury, Saiyonji is expelled from Ohotori Academy (although, the "serious injury" looks more like a scratch on the arm). Touga vows to find a way to get him back into the school, but later burns the exchange diary that Saiyonji kept.

Later, we find out that Saiyonji has been lodging in Wakaba's place until he can get back into the school. Still in love with Anthy, Saiyonji gives Wakaba's present to him to Anthy, which makes Wakaba become a Black Rose Duelist and challenges Utena to a duel.

The next time we see Saiyonji is in the third to last episode, where Touga challenges Utena to a duel and picks Saiyonji to be his bride.

Saiyonji's emotions are extreme. He can be calm and considerate one hour, and becoms a mean old mizer the next. Still, he is better than Akio.

Name Miki Kaoru
Age 13
Status 7th Grader Student Council member (undefined)

Miki, aside from Anthy, appears to be the most pure and innocent of all the duelists. Only a 7th grader, Miki has accomplished a lot. He is an excellent pianist, fences at a national level, and some of his classes are for college credit.

But, although he is the most innocent duelist, he still has his fair share of unusual quirks. His most obvious habit is carrying a stop watch to constantly time things. His relationship with his sister is on the edgy side. She knows exactly what to do that will make Miki go completely nuts.

Miki and his sister used to get along fine, especially when they had played piano together. He believes that in order to play the piano well, he needs to play with his sister. But, he has yet to realize that he has the talent, not his sister.

When Anthy begins to play the song that he and his sister played, Miki vowed that the Rose Bride would be his......He lost his duel.

From then on, Miki's role in the series simmers down. But, one day, Akio decides to take the brother and sister on a car ride to see the "End of the World". The next day, Miki challenges Utena to a duel, choosing his sister as his bride.

After Utena has faded away, a picture of Miki and his sister playing the piano together is seen.

Name Juri Arisugawa
Age 15
Status Captain of the fencing team, Student Council member, 10th grader

Juri is a tortured soul. Long ago, she and her friend live a happy and blissful life. But one day, a man came between them and now they are angry at eachother. Although it may look like Juri was going after the man, she was really jealous of the man because she wanted to be with her friend, Shiori.

Shiori once told her "Believe in miracles, and they will hear you." When she went away, Juri stopped believing in miracles. Instead, she hid behind a wall, not letting anyone see the true her.

It is this fact that makes her loss to Utena all the more bitter. Sometime in the duel, Juri managed to fling Utena's sword into the air. Then, she had Utena on the ground, the tip of her sword on Utena's chin. Then, Utena's sword comes falling down...and slices off Juri's rose.

Aside from her personal life, Juri is an excellent fighter, who fences at a national level very much like Miki.

Juri then goes into the background for a bit, until Shiori and the man return to Ohotori Academy. Utena is challenged by Shiori to a duel, and losses.

Later, Juri challenges the man to a duel (not in the dueling arena, of course) and wins. The next day Shiori is seen walking behind Juri.

With the past regrets now gone, Juri's main goal as a duelist returns : fight Utena and win! Here, she challenges Utena to a duel, Shiori being her bride. She loses.

And that's it for the first duelists. Expect more too come soon.

But master Seiya, what about Nanami?

I'll do her profile later. Besides, my fingers are sore from all the typing....