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~KeL's WorLd~

Well here are the things you can look at...

my monkey ryan
here are some of my friends
my family
kahi's page
james' page
misa's page
lisa's page
kazuya's page
Susie's page
winnie's page
karen's page
links to my picture pages
julie's page
diane's page
thomas' page
kaimuki football (for tino boy!)
my info

Things I love...

HeY PeePoS, WeLl It'S KeLlIe oKaMuRa HeA, aNd i'D JuS LiKe To SaY AlOhAs AnD sIgN MeeH GuEsT BooK... aLsO SoWeE FoR mY LinKs BeInG aLl FuNnY KiNe!

"Speed Kills Drive A Honda And Live Forever!!!"

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