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Keahi Conjugacion put on what had to be the hottest performance ever held at Hawaii Public Radio's Atherton Studio @ 738 Kaheka Street on June 24th. The show was dedicated to her father, Anthony Conjugacion, Jr. (who would have been very proud, indeed!) and was recorded for an upcoming CD. The Atherton was packed to see what was unbelievably Keahi's first solo gig in Honolulu. She was ably backed by some of Hawaii's finest jazz musicians. Dan del Negro played the beautiful Bosendorfer Piano that resides in the Atherton Studio and Aaron Aranitas played soprano and alto saxophones. The rhythm section consisted of Lou Benanto on the bass, Chuck James on drums and Carlinhos de Oliviera on percussion. Adding spice to the blend on a few numbers were vocalists Stephanie Dillard and Malcolm Rolsal of eight-0-eight along with Bluzilla's Corey Funai on harmonica and vocals.
This ensemble covered a lot of musical ground in an "Unforgettable", nearly two hour performance. "Amazing Grace" opened and closed the show but in between that fabulous, joyful gospel music, we were treated to a little Jobim ("Boy From Ipanema"), a little Gershwin ("Summertime", done Brazilian style ;-), Etta James ("At Last", truly a highlight! :-), Nat Cole ("Unforgettable"), T-Bone Walker ("Stormy Monday Blues") and whatever else Keahi cared to toss into the mix. This sistah can sing it all and she has more fun than anyone else in the room while she's doing it, so make it a point to experience
Keahi Conjugacion in action!

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