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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for October 11, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 Highnoon HST

I Know - The Son Lewis Band Track 12 Hoboken Nights
Yes I Know - Hurricane Ruth Track 12 Ain't Ready For The Grave
Babe I Know - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nights Sweats Track 6 Tearing At The Seams
You Know - Peter Karp Track 10 Blue Flame
What My Momma Told Me - Lurrie Bell & The Bell Dynasty Track 7 Tribute To Carey Bell
Only You Know And I Know - Dave Mason Track 13 Traffic Jam
Let The Left Hand Know - Billy F Gibbons Track 5 The Big Bad Blues
You Never Know - Jeff Beck Featuring Jan Hammer Disc 1 Track 8 Live At The Hollywood Bowl
You Never Know - Roger "Hurricane" Wilson Track 10 Live At Madlife
I Don't Know - Billy Walton Band Track 2 Soul Of A Man
I Dont Know Why - Heather Newman Track 8 Burn Me Alive
I Don't Know - Eric Gales Track 10 Middle Of The Road
I Don't Know - Alex Lopez Track 6 Slow Down
I Want To Know - Wily Bo Walker Track 3 Almost Transparent Blues
You Don't Know - Jeff Bryant Track 5 Sleeping With The Lights On
Don't Know Where - Willie May Track 8 New Country Blues
Don't Know Where To Go - Indigenous Track 8 Grey Skies
Nobody Knows - Sunnysiders Track 8 Click Play
Wanna Know - Dany Franchi Track 12 Problem Child
I Wanna Know - Big Harp George Track 4 Uptown Cool
I Got To Know - Don Bryant Track 5 Don't Give Up On Love
I've Just Got To Know - Boz Scaggs Track 3 Out Of The Blues
Please Tell Me - Rockin' Johnny Burgin Track 6 Neoprene Fedora
Everybody Knows - Jim Byrnes Track 5 Long Hot Summer Days
Everybody Knows - The Jayhawks Track 2 Back Roads And Abandoned Motels
Everybody Knows - Stephen Stills & Judy Collins Track 5 Everybody Knows
More Than You Know - Wildcat O'Halloran Band Track 4 New York City Chill
So Much You Don't Know - Lilly Hiatt Track 11 Trinity Lane
God Only Knows - John Prine Track 9 The Tree Of Forgiveness
Heaven Knows - Webster Ave Track 13 Daylight
Lord Knows What's In My Heart - Davide Pannozzo Track 10 Unconditional Love
And Now You Know - Mike Freund Track 1 And Now You Know
What You Don't Know - Lucinda Williams Track 14 This Sweet Old World
I Don't Want To Know - Wee Willie Walker & The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra Track 10 After A While
You Wouldn't Wanna Know - John McNamara Track 9 Rollin' With It
Trying So Hard Not To Know - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Track 15 Live At Red Rocks
She Wants To Know - Carolyn Wonderland Track 7 Moon Goes Missing
I'm Afraid To Ask - Travis "Moonchild" Haddix Track 1 I'm Afraid To Ask
I Know When I'm Not Wanted - The Paladins Track 8 New World
Don't Know What It Means - Tedeschi - Trucks Band Track 3 Let Me Get By

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