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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for September 22, 2011

"Somethin' Blue" Theme Song - Heads Up - Billy Flynn Track 14 Blues Today

The Sweet Sound Of Rhythm & Blues - Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows Track 8 Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows
300 Pounds Of Heavenly Joy - Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows Disc 2 Track 7 Alligator Records Twentieth Anniversary Collection (From: "Playing For Keeps")
Street Party - The Mellow Fellows Track 2 Street Party
Intro/Bone Head - Bobby Radcliff Track 10-11 Black Top Blues-A-Rama Volume 3
Stick Around - Bobby Radcliff Track 3 Dresses Too Short
Universal Rock - Bobby Radcliff Track 11 Universal Blues
Reconsider Baby - Bobby Radcliff Track 12 Blues Cocktail Party
All Your Love - Bobby Radcliff Track 5 Blues Pajama Party
Blues Medley - Bobby Radcliff Track 13 There's A Cold Grave In Your Way
Please Have Mercy - Bobby Radcliff Track 2 Live At The Rynborn
Chicken Heads - Bobby Radcliff Track 4 Natural Ball
Black Hearted Woman - Bobby Radcliff Track 5 Freaking Me Out
Uh Oh - Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans (w/Bobby Radcliff) Track 5 Traveling Fool
Blues In The Dark - Zuzu Bollin Track 3 Texas Bluesman
Hot Air - Bobby Rush Track 9 Texas Harmonica Rumble
Baby Don't Work - Robert Ealey Track 1 Texas Bluesmen
The Elmo Stomp - Henry Qualls Track 5 Blues From Elmo, Texas
T-Bone Blues - Big Al Dupree Track 6 Swings The Blues
Turn Out The Lights - Robert Ealey Track 1 Turn Out The Lights
See About Me - Robert Ealey Track 2 I Like Music When I Party
What You Gonna Do? - Henry Qualls Track 2 Blues Across America The Dallas Scene
Party Tonight - Henry Qualls Track 7 Texas Blues Guitar Summit
Depression Blues - Barrelhouse Chuck Track 5 A Tribute To Sunnyland Slim
Hangin' With Terry - Hash Brown Track 13 Hash Brown's Texas Blues Revue
Bold Woman - Big Al Dupree Track 6 Positive Thinking
Your Turn To Cry - Lee McBee Track 10 Soul Deep
Glory Of A Man - Hash Brown & The Browntones Track 7 Have Some Fun!
Depression Blues #2 - Barrelhouse Chuck Track 7 Slowdown Sundown
Lookin' For The Blues - Ray Reed Track 2 Lookin' For The Blues
One Of These Days - Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires Featuring James "Rock" Gray Track 3 Voodoo Workin'
I Keep On Holding On - Terry Hanck Track 10 Look Out!
Life's A Hurtin' Thing - The Mighty Mojo Prophets Track 4 The Mighty Mojo Prophets
Dirt Road Woman - Earl & Them Track 11 Special Blend
Bright Lights Big City - Johnny Winter (w/Susan Tedeschi) Track 7 Roots
Trying To Make A Living - Demetria Taylor Track 10 Bad Girl
Master Of The Craft - R B Stone Track 7 Lonesome Traveler Blues
Too Many Rules And Regulations - Sugar Ray & The Bluetones Track 6 Evening

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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for September 15, 2011

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