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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for September 13, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 Highnoon HST

Waiting Game - Billy Flynn Track 7 Lonesome Highway
Waiting Awhile - The Wildcat O'Halloran Band Track 12 New York City Chill
Just Waitin' On My Brand New Baby - Steve Krase Band Track 3 Just Waitin'
How Long Blues - Willie Dixon's Original Chicago Blues All Stars Disc 1 Track 3 Gold
It Won't Be Long - Trudy Lynn Track 9 Blues Keep Knockin'
Take A Minute - Tim Woods Track 4 Human Race
Wait - Mike Freund Track 2 ... And Now You Know
Wait For Me - Johnny And The MoTones Track 10 Highway 51
Later - One Shot Johnny Track 8 Times Like These
Starting Monday - Linsey Alexander Track 13 Two Cats
Can't Wait - Brad Stivers Track 8 Took You Long Enough
I Can't Wait - Eugene Hideaway Bridges Track 11 Live In Talahassee
I Can't Wait - Johnny Tucker Track 13 Seven Day Blues
I Can't Wait Baby - Kid Ramos Featuring Johnny Tucker Track 11 Old School
Ain't Gonna Wait - Rae Gordon Band Track 5 Better Than I Was
She Can't Wait - Scott Sharrard Track 7 Saving Grace
How Could This Be? - Eric Lindell Track 4 Revolution In Your Heart
I'll Start Tomorrow - Victor Wainwright And The Train Track 10 Victor Wainwright And The Train
Waiting - Ghalia & Mama's Boys Track 9 Let The Demons Out
Waiting Till The Day - Katy Guillen & The Girls Track 3 Remember What You Knew Before
Wait So Long - Laurie Jane And The 45s Track 1 Midnight Jubilee
While I Wait - HT Richmond Track 16 Make Everything Alright
Waiting On A Song - Dan Auerbach Track 1 Waiting On A Song
Waiting Wanting - Hadden Sayers Featuring Ruthie Foster Track 6 Acoustic Dopamine
Waiting Wanting - Hadden Sayers Featuring Ruthie Foster Track 5 Dopamine Machine
Don't Wait Up - Deb Rhymer Track 4 Don't Wait Up
Not Too Late - Larry Dupio Featuring Willie K Track 3 Lightning Strikes Hilo
It's Too Late - Keesha Pratt Band Track 4 Believe
See Ya Later - Lilly Hiatt Track 12 Trinity Lane
Time Waits For No One - Zoe Schwartz Blue Commotion Track 12 The Blues And I Should Have A Party
That's What She Said - Billy F Gibbons Track 7 The Big Bad Blues
I Don't Believe A Word You Say - JW Jones Track 3 Live
Remember - Vintage#18 Track 9 Grit
Don't Forget - Ilana Katz Katz Track 1 Subway Stories
I've Just Got To Forget You - Boz Scaggs Track 2 Out Of The Blues
450 Mulberry- I Won't Forget - The Delgado Brothers Track 2 Two Trains
Ain't Gonna Name Names - The Reverend Shawn Amos Track 8 Breaks It Down
Am I That Easy To Forget - Jimmie Bratcher Track 2 This Is Blues Country
Glide - James Harman Track 12 Fineprint
Don't Forget About James Brown - The Original Blues Brothers Band Track 7 The Last Shade Of Blue Before Black
Glide - James Harman Track 12 Fineprint
The Glide - Bob Corritore & Friends With Sugaray Rayford & Junior Watson Track 3 Don't Let The Devil Ride!
Glide On - Mark Hummel With Rusty Zinn Track 10 Harpbreaker

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"Somethin' Else" Playlist for September 12, 2018

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