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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for August 30, 2007

"Somethin' Blue" Theme Song - Heads Up - Billy Flynn Track 14 Blues Today

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free - Cold Blood Track 1 Cold Blood
Funky On My Back - Cold Blood Track 9 Sisyphus
Your Good Thing - Cold Blood Track 10 Sisyphus
Cool Disposition - Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Track 4 When The Sun Goes Down: The Secret History Of Rock And Roll - Rock Me Mama
Cool Playin' Blues - Curtis Jones Track 10 The Devil Is A Busy Man
Cool Ade - Preston Love Track 5 Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Que
Don't Lose Your Cool - Albert Collins Track 7 Truckin' With Albert Collins
Please Be Cool - Ron Thompson Track 13 Just Pickin'
I Am The Cool - Earl Thomas Track 9 Extra Soul
(I'm The) Coolest Cat In The Car - Bluestime Track 11 Bluestime
Cool The Fool - Ron Levy & Wild Kingdom Track 7 Safari To New Orleans
Cool Johnny Twist - Little Charlie & The Nightcats Track 7 Nine Lives
Cool Azule - Dave Specter Track 9 Blueplicity
Cool Dream - Steve Freund Track 14 "C" For Chicago
Cool Blues - James Hinkle Track 14 Straight Ahead Blues?
Play It Cool - Eddie Turner Track 9 Rise!
Cool Blues Walk - Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater Track 1 Cool Blues Walk
Melody Cool - Prince w/Mavis Staples Track 14 Graffiti Bridge
I'm Still Cool - Jackie Payne Track 7 A Day In The Life Of A Bluesman
The Cool World - Kenny "Blue" Ray Track 12 Git It!
Lurrie's Cool Groove - Lurrie Bell Track 6 Mercurial Son
Tone Cool - Tony Z Track 8 Get Down With The Blues
Cool Like Dat - Coco Montoya Track 5 Just Let Go
Cool On It - Tinsley Ellis & The Heartfixers Track 10 (Almost) Everybody Slides
Cool Breeze - Catfish Hodge Track 2 Catfish Blues
Cool Guitars - Jimmy Thackery & The Drivers Track 6 Drive To Survive
Too Cool - Bernard Allison Track 5 Higher Power
Cool Twist - Mississippi Heat Track 6 Glad You're Mine
It's Cool With Me - Zac Harmon Track 4 The Blues According To Zacariah
Extra - Eddie Cotton Track 3 Extra
Three Sisters - Frank "Paris Slim" Goldwasser Track 11 Bluju
Andy's - Travis "The Moonchild" Haddix Track 1 Blues From Staghorn Street

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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for August 23, 2007

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