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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for August 6, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 Highnoon HST

Steady Drivin Man - Charlie Bedford Track 11 Good To Go
Velvet Windows (Tremé Trippin') - Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam Track 4 Ain't No Man A Good Man
Cool Cool Thing - Peter Karp Track 9 Magnificent Heart
If It Ain't Good - JD Taylor Track 7 The Coldwater Sessions
Big Block - Dave Fields Track 2 Force Of Will
Gasoline And Matches - Jose Ramirez Track 3 Here I Come
Bam Bang Boom - Dion Featuring Billy Gibbons Track 8 Blues With Friends
Bumpin' Down The Highway - Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne Track 10 Go, Just Do It!
Backstreets - Lazer Lloyd Track 9 Tomorrow Never Comes
Leave You On The Side Of The Road - The Lucky Losers Track 7 Godless Land
Wrecked - Mandalyn Track 1 Wrecked
My Last Ride - Mark May Band Track 7 Deep Dark Demon
South End Of A North Bound Mule - Victor Wainwright And The Train Track 9 Memphis Loud
Sittin' In A Driveway - Crooked Eye Tommy Track 2 Hot Coffee And Pain
Waitin' For The Bus - Miller And The Other Sinners Track 7 Rise
Sunnyland Train - Too Slim & The Taildraggers Track 6 The Remedy
The Thang - Joe Louis Walker Track 4 Blues Comin' On
That Thang - Lightning Larry Dupio Track 5 Love And Lightning
Ain't No Big Thing - Dwane Dixon Track 4 Betting On A Gambling Man
It's All Right - Mark Telesca Track 8 Higher Vibrations
It's Alright - King Solomon Hicks Track 10 Harlem
Hey Yeah All Right - Jon Strahl Band Track 1 Heartache And Toil
Don't Worry Baby - The Nighthawks Track 10 Tryin' To Get To You
No Worries - Justin Saladino Band Track 11 JSB Live
I've Got Your Back - Hurricane Ruth Track 10 Good Life
Ain't Whipped Yet - Eric Hughes Band Track 1 Postcard From Beale Street
Next Move - Gravel & Grace Track 2 Bringing The Blues
Move Me - Crystal Shawanda Track 3 Church House Blues
It's Gonna Take Some Time - Tony Holiday Track 3 Soul Service
Starting All Over Again - Gregg Martinez Track 6 MacDaddy Mojeaux
Pink Cadillac - Ani Piper Track 4 Blow Up Doll
Skyline Drive - Scott Ellison Track 2 Skyline Drive
On The Road Again - The Smoke Wagon Blues Band Track 12 The Ballad Of Albert Johnson
Easy Street - Larkin Poe Track 11 Self Made Man
Gypsy Road - Zac Harmon Track 1 Mississippi BarBQ
Everybody Got Wings - Liz Mandeville Track 3 Playing With Fire
Watch Me Fly - Eliza Neals Track 4 Black Crow Moan
Flyin' Lo - Mick Clarke Track 12 Big Wheel
Movin' On - Tyler Morris Track 1 Living In The Shadows
Ride - Chickenbone Slim Track 6 Sleeper
I'm Done - Shawn Pittman Track 12 Make It Right!

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