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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for July 12, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 Highnoon HST

Here I Am (Knockin' At Your Door) - Willie Dixon's Original Chicago Blues All Stars, Inc. Disc 1 Track 7 Gold
Woke Up This Morning - Willie Dixon's Original Chicago Blues All Stars, Inc. Disc 2 Track 1 Gold
Woke Up This Morning - Jonny T-Bird & The MPs Track 7 Hot Stuff
Time To Rise And Shine - The Radiators Track 2 Welcome To The Monkeyhouse
Right Now Is The Hour - Elvin Bishop's Big Fun Trio Track 3 Something Smells Funky 'Round Here
Bad Day - Buddy Guy Track 5 The Blues Is Alive And Well
Bluz Crazy - Tom Hambridge Track 2 The NOLA Sessions
Phone Keeps Ringing - Corey Dennison Band Track 5 Night After Night
Voices Echoing - Spencer MacKenzie Track 5 Cold November
Guess I Had Enough Of You - Barry Goldberg (w/Les McCann) Track 1 In The Groove
Nameless Nobody - Bridget Kelly Band Featuring Tim Fik Track 11 Blues Warrior
Um A Zero - Charlie's Organ Grinder Swing Track 10 Skronky Tonk
Nowhere To Be Found - Kara Grainger Track 4 Living With Your Ghost
Always The Same - Brooks Williams Track 2 Lucky Star
I Just Don't Want The Blues Today - The Bennett Brothers Track 3 Not Made For Hire
Blues Stay Away From Me - Breezy Rodio Track 13 Sometimes The Blues Got Me
Hate Take A Holiday - Wee Willie Walker & The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra Track 5 After A While
Ain't Got Time For Hate - Shemekia Copeland Track 1 America's Child
Gaslight - Sue Foley Track 6 The Ice Queen
A Letter To Fear - Fantastic Negrito Track 3 Please, Don't Be Dead
Sure As Hell Ain't Foolin' Me - J.P. Soars Track 2 Southbound I-95
Time Was - Wentus Blues Band Track 13 Throwback
Ain't That The Truth - Matty T Wall Track 8 Sidewinder
Rise Above It - Eugene "Hideaway" Bridges Track 19 Live In Talahessee
Loud In Here - The Nouveaux Honkies Track 10 Loud In Here
Thought I Heard You - Luke Winslow-King Track 6 Blue Mesa
Nobody's Listening - Big Harp George Track 5 Uptown Cool
When I Listen To The Blues - Michael Osborn Track 8 Hangin' On
Hear Me - Kat Riggins Track 3 In The Boys Club
I'm Here To Tell - Chris Planas Track 1 Two Sides
Chasing Time - Deuce 'n A Quarter Track 10 Rear View Mirror
Don't Nobody Got Time To Waste - Vanessa Collier Track 2 Honey Up
Can't Stop A Dreamer - Cyril Neville Track 11 Endangered Species: The Essential Recordings
Wasn't My Time - Bruce Katz Band Track 10 Get Your Groove!
Needed Time - Lil Ronnie & Gordon Harrower Blue And Lonesome Duo Track 7 Pacing The Floor
Time For A Change - Mike Zito Track 9 First Class Life
You Gotta Start Somewhere - Big Apple Blues Track 1 Manhattan Alley
Road Of Love - The Proven Ones Track 6 Wild Again
Can't Stop Now - Keeshea Pratt Band Track 11 Believe
Tired Of Doing Nothing - Johnny Tucker Track 2 Seven Day Blues

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