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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for April 23, 2009

"Somethin' Blue" Theme Song - Heads Up - Billy Flynn Track 14 Blues Today

I Got Some Help I Don't Need - B. B. King Disc 2 Track 2 How Blue Can You Get?
Inflation Blues - B. B. King Track 1 Blues 'n' Jazz
Your Love Pulls No Punches - Otis Grand Track 9 He Knows The Blues
Hooked, Hog Tied & Collared - Johnny Copeland Track 2 Flyin' High
Night Life - B. B. King Track 14 Big Blues Extravaganza!
Message To Man - Calvin Owens Track 9 The House Is Burnin'
My Home Is A Prison - Lonesome Sundown Track 6 Living The Blues: Louisiana Blues Classics
I'm A Mojo Man - Lonesome Sundown Track 13 Mojo Working The Best Of Ace Blues
Gonna Stick to You Baby - Lonesome Sundown Track 1 I'm A Mojo Man
The Train - Lonesome Sundown And Philip Walker Track 6 From La. To L.A.
They Call Me Sundown - Lonesome Sundown Track 1 Been Gone Too Long
You're Playing Hooky - Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter & Philip Walker Track 9 Lone Star Shootout
Hello Sundown - James "Thunderbird" Davis Track 3 Check Out Time
Costume Party - The Tri-Saxual Soul Champs Track 5 Go Girl!
Happy Man - Anson Funderburgh And The Rockets Track 13 Tell Me What I Want To Hear
Blues For Carol - Clarence Hollimon Track 4 Soul Sensation
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere - Carol Fran & Clarence Hollimon Track 11 Black Top Blues-A-Rama Volume 7
Along About Midnight - Solomon Burke Track 8 Soul Of The Blues
I'm So Glad I Met You - Guitar Shorty Track 1 Topsy Turvy
Blabs - Clarence Hollimon Track 7 See There
I've Never Found A Man - Miss Lavelle White Track 5 Big Blues Extravaganza!
Jumpin' With Gristle - Clarence Hollimon Track 2 It's About Time
Daughter Of The Devil - John Nemeth (w/Elvin Bishop) Track 5 Love Me Tonight
At Least I'm Not With You - The Insomniacs Track 5 At Least I'm Not With You
Two Headed Woman - Bobby Jones Track 2 Comin' Back Hard
Straight Up - Phil Berkowitz Track 2 All Night Party
I Can't Stand To See You Go - John Primer Disc 2 Track 2 Chicago Blues A Living History
Requiem For A Heavyweight - Roy Rogers Track 9 Split Descision
They Kicked Me Out Of The Band - Commander Cody Track 11 Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers
When The Levee Breaks - Buckwheat Zydeco Track 1 Lay Your Burden Down
That's Enough - John Scofield Track 1 Piety Street
When Worlds Collide - Neil Young Track 1 Fork In The Road
Hey Ya - Booker T Track 3 Potato Hole
Burrito Brain - Shawn Kellerman Track 9 Blues Without A Home
Done With The Devil - Jason Ricci And New Blood Track 1 Done With The Devil

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