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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for March 11, 2010

"Somethin' Blue" Theme Song - Heads Up - Billy Flynn Track 14 Blues Today

Twice A Man - The Barry Goldberg Blues Band Track 3 Blowing My Mind
4 PM - Charley Musselwhite's South Side Blues Band Track 11 Stand Back!
Before Six - Harvey Mandel Disc 1 Track 2 The Mercury Years (from: "Christo Redentor)
Boo-Be-Do - Harvey Mandel Disc 2 Track 3 The Mercury Years (from: "Righteous")
So Sad (The World's In A Tangle) - Canned Heat Track 8 Future Blues
Let's Work Together - Canned Heat Track 6 '70 Concert Recorded Live In Europe
Ridin' High - Harvey Mandel Disc 2 Track 9 The Mercury Years (from: "Games Guitars Play")
Possessive Emotions - John Mayall Track 5 USA Union
El Stinger - Harvey Mandel Track 6 Baby Batter
Groupie Girl - John Mayall Disc 1 Track 4 Back To The Roots
Unanswered Questions - John Mayall Disc 2 Track 7 Back To The Roots
Eleanor Rigby - Don "Sugarcane" Harris Track 1 Fiddler On The Rock
A Liitle Soul Food - Pure Food And Drug Act Track 5 Choice Cuts
Bite The Electric Eel - Harvey Mandel Track 16 The Snake
Suit For The Cat - Dewey Terry Track 4 Chief
Shangrenade - Harvey Mandel Track 8 Shangrenade
Sleepwalk - The Ventures Track 11 Rock And Roll Forever
Hot Stuff - The Rolling Stones Track 11 Jump Back (From: "Black And Blue")
Which Witch Is Which - Love Track 5 Reel To Real
Rankachank Blues - Harvey Mandel Track 7 Feel The Sound Of Harvey Mandel
Snake Bite - Harvey Mandel Track 8 Guitar Speak II
I Had A Dream - Harvey Mandel Track 5 Twist City
Watch Out - Harvey Mandel & Jon Paris Disc 2 Track 11 Rattlesnake Guitar
Mashed Potato Twist - Harvey Mandel Track 8 Snakes And Stripes
Jumpin' At Shadows - Psychedelic Guitar Circus Track 5 Psychedelic Guitar Circus
Rumble - Harvey Mandel Track 6 Planetary Warrior
Jive Samba - Harvey Mandel Track 4 Emerald Triangle
Rainbow Bridge - Harvey Mandel Track 16 Lick This
Check It Out - Harvey Mandel Track 5 West Coast Killaz
Mother Earth - Chicago Blues Reunion Track 10 All Blues Is Local
Snake - Chicago Blues Reunion Track 13 Buried Alive In The Blues
C.C. Baby - The Lost Legends Track 2 Demo
Guest House - NightFire (w/Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo) Track 11 NightFire
Baby Batter II - Harvey Mandel Track 2 Harvey Mandel And His Snake Crew

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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for March 4, 2010

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