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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for February 2, 2012
"Somethin' Blue" Theme Song - Heads Up - Billy Flynn Track 14 Blues Today

Cissy Strut - Big John Patton Track 7 Memphis To New York Spirit
Freedom Jazz Dance - Big John Patton Track 2 Accent On The Blues
Theme From Captain Black - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 Tales Of Captain Black
Are You Glad To Be In America? - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 10 Are You Glad To Be In America?
Timeless - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 Freelancing
Black Rock - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 2 Black Rock
Little Red House - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 2 Part Time
Please Tell Her - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 7 Odyssey
I Belong In The USA - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 America, Do You Remember The Love?
Church - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 7 Live At The Caravan Of Dreams
Blues All Night - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 Blues All Night
House Blues - G Calvin Weston Track 6 Dance Romance
Lady Of Colors - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 3 Black And Blues
Jazz Is The Teacher, Funk Is The Preacher - James "Blood" UlmerTrack 5 Blues Preacher
Crying - James "Blood" UlmerTrack 3 Live At The Bayerischer Hof
First Blood - Third Rail Track 8 South Delta Space Age
Lonely Woman - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 Music Speaks Louder Than Words
Where Did All The Girls Come From? - Odyssey The Band Track 8 Reunion
Do You Wanna - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 4 Forbidden Blues
O Gentle One - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 Blue
Double Trouble - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 12 Memphis Blood
Come On (Let The Good Times Roll - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 7 No Escape From The Blues The Electric Lady Sessions
Sittin' On Top Of The World - James "Blood" Ulmer w/Alison Krauss Disc 1 Track 5 Lightning In A Bottle
Sunnyland - The 52nd Street Blues Project Track 12 Blues & Grass
Take My Music Back To The Church - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 Birthright
Love Nest - Odyssey The Band Track 6 Back In Time
This Land Is Nobody's Land - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 5 Bad Blood In The City The Piety Street Sessions
No Man's Land - James "Blood" Ulmer Track 1 In And Out
Mojo Man - Jimi Hendrix w/The Ghetto Fighters
B-L-U-E-S - Joe Green Track 11 The Music In Me

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"Somethin' Blue" Playlist for January 26, 2012

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