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'William' my MG Midget .. ( Billy )

'Little Willie' Named after William Morris
founder Morris Garages.

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These Pictures are not all My William,
some are just cars that look like him
William is here now I figured out how to use the Digital Camera ;-)

My "Billy" Restoration work by Coombes Restoration here
in Hamilton New Zealand..
Looking for Them... 2 Norris Ave, Te Rapa, Hamilton.
Phone: 849 1817 Fax: 849 1877 Coombes Restoration

Ok Here is my William.. :-) oh the first Midget at the top of the page was too... Giggle..

Billy2 William

Other Midgets :-))
Midget1 Midget2

The MG Midget Mk III

The Midget Mk II had continued to sell until late 1965, when the Mk III model was introduced. Once again, the engine had been enlarged - this time it had the 1275cc A-series unit developed from the one used in the Mini Cooper S. This produced 65bhp and could propel the little car to speeds in the mid 90's.
Although there were no really obvious changes to the appearance of the car, there were minor ones. Perhaps one of the most important of these was the addition of a folding soft top, which replaced the one which had to be fully removed to be stowed.

In 1968, the Sprite version of the Midget Mk III (a Sprite MK IV) was dropped from the range leaving the Midget to continue along, which it did for some years. The 1275 Midget continued to sell well and had generated a loyal following, but since its nearest competitior was the Triumph Spitfire, many expected one of the cars to be dropped but neither were to get the chop - yet.

In 1972, the Midget received further styling changes, among them a new style of sculpted steel wheel, known as Rostyles. Also, at this point the rear wheel arches lost their squared off tops, becoming fully radiused. It was at this time that MG was facing increased work load to ensure that the cars met the increasingly strict environmental and safety regulations that were being implemented in the export markets, and in particular the USA. This work was such that it severely restricted the resources available for the development of new models. In the long term it was to be the eventual downfall of the MG.

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