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My Future Car Design (C)& Roof cover, water/solar

Roof Cover Extrusion

Upper surface coated with selinium for solar
cell power for pumps and excess power
_____________________O_______________________O Black anodised with foam/fibre insulation under
over foil reflective layer..

First the reasoning why we need a car for the future,
it's simple really, most of us do most of our motoring within a fairly small radius of our homes, we drive to work or shopping and leave the car for several hours parked, waiting for our return

The Cars usefull life is only a few years because of rust, current petrol engines Pollute our planet, and though our car may have 4 or 5 seats, it is often just driven by one..!

Our Future Car should not Pollute, should last as long as we need it, should carry two and a small parcel shelf and have seating for more when required, it should be energy efficient, fun to drive, and be usable on auto controlled roads if they become available

And why should it not recharge itself while sitting in the energy providing sun

Now if its going to be fun, and safe it needs Good speed (100km/ph) and a range of at least 100 km.
it also needs to Protect its occupants up to an impact speed of (200km/ph) two cars travveling head on at full speed!

Ha ha... yes I like them Sporty.....
But that is what I drive now, not my Idea of a future Car.

So first I will discuss my Ideas, and later get my Plans and drawings here when I figure How to.

My Car will be Electric Powered, Each Wheel a Motor
It will be constructed of Modern Materials like Carbon Fibre and Soft Plastics
Its Body Will Have HoneyComb construction to make a "Crumple Zone" to protect the "Passenger Survival Pod"
In shape it will be Aerodynamic, with its upper surfaces PhotoVoltaic to recharge on board Batteries
The Motor in each wheel Concept will provide Braking/Recharging, Steering, and extra power when "Other Modules" are connected at rear, as well as forward and reverse motion.

The primary Unit, with Driver, Controll system will be 2 seater, controll will be via computer with options to add GPS, as advancements become available
"Other Units" will be connectable at rear, to provide More seating, Utility tray or Van, and Perhaps a Camper for Holidays,
Each Other Unit will have its Own Motorised Wheels and contain its own Power supply, the controll will connect to primary unit


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