These questions are very detailed and specific. Many may be answered after you finish the movie - HOWEVER - they do require you to watch the movie very closely. They do not necessary follow the order of the film. You should read over the questions before the film begins in order to be prepared to answer them as the topics come up during the film or afterwards.

1. Create a Venn diagram that you will fill in information on during the entire movie comparing and contrasting the positions of the following groups toward the proposed

13th Amendment: Radical Republicans, Moderate Republicans, and Democrats.

2. Who was Pres. Lincoln talking to at the beginning of the movie? What did they recite?

3. What was the 13th Amendment? Was passing it so important to President Lincoln? (This answer will be answered (at least part two) throughout the entire movie (not just one scene).

4. Who was brought in to try and convince Representatives to vote to vote for the 13th Amendment? How did they try and accomplish this?

5. Why does Robert Lincoln want to join the Army? Why do Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln not want him to?

6. What is one way President Lincoln tried to convince Robert not to join the Army.

7. Why does Preston Blair want to go to Richmond VA?

8. Why does President Lincoln not want the southern peace negotiators to come to Washington DC?

9. How does Mrs. Lincoln treat Thaddeus Stevens in the reception line at the White House? Why is she upset?

10. What is President Lincoln's reaction to seeing the battlefield after the Battle of Petersburg? What does he say to General Grant?

ESSAY (one-paragraph, 6 or so sentences)

What was your general view of the movie? What did you like? Did not like? Were you still confused about after seeing the movie?