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The PREY the Series
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Forty-Thousand Years Ago, The Most

Advanced Species on Earth was Wiped
Out by A Powerful New Life Form.


Now, Another New Species has Evolved

Stronger, Smarter, and Dedicated
to our Annihilation.

Leading the Fight Against Them is

Dr. Sloan Parker, The Bio-Anthropologist
Who Uncovered Their Existence.

Once Again, Its

Survival of the Fittest,
And This Time...

We Are The



The PREY FOR US History Site

The Newbie Guidebook - New to the community or just interested - please read the following:

Prey For One, Prey For All, Prey For Ever - by Mary Ann Beavis

Countries Where PREY Has Aired


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PREY Cast Logo Never doubt that a small group 
of thoughtful, committed citizens 
can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that
ever has.

- Margaret Mead 

Image: ABC/Warner Bros.

From 1998 to 2003, fans from around the world worked to bring PREY, an outstanding drama created by William Schmidt, back to television. We worked to showcase this exceptional program to network executives, network sponsors, and the media. We created a campaign that was exceptional and unique, like the show we support.

There is a wealth of history about the series and the effort to save it at this site. We hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and that you will also watch PREY should you get the opportunity. We are still an active community and would be glad to have you join us.

A separate tribute page has been created to honor all those preymates who have helped throughout our 10-year existence.

Lee Ann Gradwell
Community Coordinator
Updated: Feb. 29, 2008


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Message Boards

PREY Fans can keep in touch through email and on our "official" message board. Choose from the Prey the Series message board or one of the others listed!

Campaign Updates

You can find our past campaign updates from 1998 to 2002 here.

New Releases

Here you can find news releases that were sent out during the early stages of our campaign.


You can learn more about upcoming conventions here. Also see Convention Reports and Photos from past convention attendances and read about our first PREY Mini-Con that was held in 2000.

PREY Fan Sites and Other Site Links

PREY fans are very talented! Check out their web sites, chock full of fiction, photographs, poetry and much more! We have been truly inspired by this awesome show. You will also find sister sites, fan fiction publishers, PREY celebrity sites and much more here.

Campaign Efforts

In this section you can learn about all the efforts our community put forth to save Prey during 1998 to 2003.

Campaign Articles

Read the articles about our campaign featured in the Indianapolis Star, the LA Times, the Lafayette Journal and Courier, and others that were printed from 1998 to 2001.

Celebs Corner

Read the article about meeting Debra Messing at the Viewers for Quality Television convention in October 1998 along with the transcript of the new series panel discussion for which Debra participated. Here you will also find the Sci-Fi Channel chat with Adam Storke from September 28, 2001.

PREY Merchandise

Check out the PREY merchandise that is still available for purchase and the items that used to be available.